Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Snowbird AGAIN!

Dustin was given the company's Snowbird ski passes for Dustin, Jen and Zach headed up to the slopes!

It was snowing lightly all day long.  There was a good 8 inches of fresh snow powder for us to ski on.  No 'magic carpet' today....we stuck to the Chickadee lift (bunny hill).

Zach was doing so good!  He didn't need any assistance and by the end of the day he was going down the hill all by himself.  Here is a video of him skiing by himself and getting stuck in the snow powder.  Here is another video of him doing some turns.

By the time we were ready to leave the snow got even deeper.....

It was a great day to be skiing!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Zach goes skiing!

Zach:  Dad, what are these?
Dustin: Snow Skis
Zach: What do you do with them?
Dustin: You wear them on your feet and slide down the mountain.
Zach: Can I go?
Dustin: Some day

Well....this past week Zach asked again...."Dad, when can we go skiing?"  So, today Dustin took Zach skiing for the first time!  They decided to head up to Snowbird (on a side note, Snowbird is only 18 miles from our house!).

Snowbird had a 'magic carpet' they were able to use, and Dustin taught Zach all about the pizza wedge.  Zach was having so much fun he didn't want to stop.  Zach wouldn't even let them break for lunch!

Bunk Beds

We did it.  We caved.  Zach and Logan now have bunk beds.  We spent the entire weekend putting this thing together.

The the six massive cardboard boxes that the bunk beds arrived in kept the kids entertained...

Zach was extremely excited...he has been asking for a bunk bed for about a year now...

Logan liked helping by using the tools...

The bed part is done...this picture doesn't show the staircase that goes along the right side of the bed.

We have one EXTREMELY happy 5 year old....and one 3 year old that is still trying to figure out if he is happy with the bottom bunk.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Carpet Installed

Today the new carpet arrived at our house!!  It has been about 6 week since our flooding incident and the carpet is the last piece before the restoration is complete.  Our installers arrived with EVERYTHING they needed in one pick up truck.....

There is our new carpet!!

This is about half of our old carpet and pad after it was ripped out.

Ripping out the old!

New carpet pad installed throughout the house.

Wahoo!!!  Almost done!

It took a crew of 4 about 10 hours total to rip everything out and install the new carpet and pad.  The best $39 we have ever spent for installation!  It is amazing how getting new carpet makes your whole house seem new.  Now the challenge will be to keep the kids from eating and spilling on the new carpet...