Saturday, May 30, 2009


We have been talking about getting a sandbox for Zach -- we had the perfect place on our downstairs patio for one (the place where Dustin's imaginary hot tub will go). Lucky for us on our weekend errands we came across a Toys'R'us we never knew existed in the Salt Lake area. They were smart and had the sandboxes on display out front. This was the most expensive piece of plastic I think we have ever purchased. Apparently the green turtles are no longer being made and your options are now the one and only red crab.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer TIME!

We have been excited for the opening of our neighborhood pool this summer season. Zach really likes the water and we wanted to start teaching him how to swim (or the best you can get with a 1 year old!). Our first summer pool experience was quite interesting......

Zach LOVED being in the pool - we was squealing, going underwater, doing everything you could think of.....all for about 5 minutes when he decided it was time to go #2. Yes, #2 in the pool. No big deal, he has on a swim diaper and his swim trucks are also swim diapers...the problem lies with what happened AFTER Zach completed all his grunting. Dinner decided to make its way up and go ALL OVER DUSTIN. Now Dustin is not a throw up man. If he even SEES throw up it makes him start to throw up himself. So imagine Dustin (covered in throw up) holding Zach trying to make it to the pool stairs to get out all while he is trying to keep down his own dinner. The best part -- the other people at the pool actually left after witnessing this event.

Dustin vows to never go back to the pool the rest of the summer -- somehow I don't think that will last.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Something is not right

I guess moms really do have intuition when it comes to their kids. This evening Zach was making a bit of a fuss after we put him to bed -- not uncommon. Jen is sitting on the couch making some funny faces. Dustin asks, "what?"....Jen's reply "Something is wrong with Zach -- that isn't his normal fuss -- can you just go peek in there and make sure he doesn't have his foot stuck in between the crib rails again?". Off Dustin goes. He returns with this:

Not exactly sure how he managed to do that with his shirt....but we are all grateful for a mother's intuition.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tooth #11

They keep coming! Tooth #11 - Molar #3 has made its appearance. We've been living off frozen gogurts this weekend!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Oh my....

Who knows how he got in this position? He was stuck - we had to move the mattress from the bed frame to get him out!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moab - guys trip

Dustin went on three night guy Moab trip...camping, kayaking, off roading and NO SHOWERING....I figured since Dustin has failed to blog about it I would give my own interpretation of the guy trip from the pictures.

Day #1 included Kayaking down the Colorado River - guided of course. The water was freezing cold - snow melt off. They enjoyed this activity - so much they returned with sun burnt feet - yes, only the feet got sun burnt.

Evening entertainment was the fire at their campsite. What more would you expect from three grown men than a big fire, men jumping over the fire...and apparently a dance party.

Day #2 included off roading in the 4runner. They met up with the same crew they went with last Fall - and I have been told the 4runner kicked a$$ this time. It better after Dustin pimped it out after his last Moab trip - and yes, the running boards were taken off.

Day#3 the guys did some morning hiking, then realized how much they missed their hot wives and decided to hit the road a bit earlier than planned. I am sure that three days of no showering didn't sway their decision one bit.

Thanks Dave, Cliff and Steve - I can tell you guys had a blast (and I am still laughing over the dance party pictures)...and I am sure another trip in the Fall is already in the works.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Kid free vacation

We just enjoyed our first kid free vacation in the past 15 months! Nick, Sarah and Glen graciously offered to watch Zach for a few days so we could get away. So we decided to head to Las Vegas for a few days with our friends the Krotoskys. We scored a sweet deal on our hotel stay at the Mirage and decided to drive (5 hours). So Saturday morning bright and early we headed out of town......

First stop - the gas station by our house for some road trip snacks. 6:30am and Dustin goes for the 3 foot long beef jerky and a mountain dew.

We made it to Las Vegas all safe and sound and were able to check into our hotel a few hours early. We had a nice strip view - and the rooms looked super sweet.

Some highlights from our trip....lots of time down at the pool relaxing! Seeing how much Las Vegas has changed since our last visit two years ago. Yummy food at some great restaurants. The cirque du soleil at the Bellagio....oh, and watching the cops pull over a random driver as a drunk college student decides to jump into the Mirage pool and climb the waterfall for a picture!

Oh - and of course we ENJOYED being able to sleep in as long as we wanted for TWO mornings! Thanks to everyone for letting us get a way for a bit!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

We can see clearly now

The window in our master bedroom has been looking dirty for a while. We decided to do some spring cleaning a few weeks ago and wanted to get this window cleaned. We had put it off so long because the only way to get to the outside of this window is from our backyard - two stories up.

Well it turns out the "dirty" part is actually INSIDE the two panes of glass. HUH? Yeah - the window wasn't sealed properly when it was originally manufactured. So we contacted our original builder to find out who they bought the windows from thinking they must be under some type of warranty. We were RIGHT! The windows were under the original manufacturers warranty...but they went out of business. That is right folks - Linford windows is out of business. So we had to suck it up and pay a different company $250 to replace the outside pane of glass - that was even with a 30% discount (so they say). Why replace it you ask? Well - if we ever sold this house who would buy it with mold growing in between window panes?

So today we finally have a new view from our master bedroom:

Who knew $250 would look so beautiful?!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Something is missing

We had ravioli's for dinner. We went for an evening walk and I came back to see this:

Notice anything "strange" about this picture? How about the fact that there is no sauce on the top of the ravioli's. Yes - while we took our walk our cat decided to help clean up. The even better part....she was throwing up all night.

Monday, May 4, 2009

What we have been up to...

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Daddy's Little Helper

Zach has been helping Dad work on a project this morning in the basement while Mom is getting her hair done..

  • We aded a new outlet, since the storage room didn't have one.. (Ok, I didn't let Zach help me much on this one)
  • To eliminate drafts the basement (and to keep Zach from touching the insulation), We put a layer of plastic over the exposed insulation on the interior wall of the storage room (I think I even managed to keep him from eating any of the insulation in the process! Yeah!)
  • Hung Brackets for new shelving (just need the wood now... Roadtrip for the boys this afternoon)

I was just finishing up the final touches on the project when I noticed I missed a thin strip of insulation behind the door where it opens towards.. I put all of my tools out of Zach's reach.. Noticed that Zach was preocupied looking up at the light in the storage room, so I decided I should be ok putting up a little more plastic to cover the insulation..

It couldn't have been more than a minute or 2 for me to hang the plastic, when all of the sudden the lights went out!

This is what Zach accomplished in less than 2 minutes...

Zach had been watching me go up and down the step ladder all morning.. His curiosity mixed with his recent fascination with how we can turn on and off the ceiling fans and lights in the house led him to a great plan! I'm kind of happy I didn't see him actually reaching that last step..
Since I had my phone on me I figured I'd take a few snapshots of my bad parenting.. hah! I'll do better in the future.. Otherwise Mom will stop letting me hang out with Zach. heh heh