Monday, May 11, 2009

Kid free vacation

We just enjoyed our first kid free vacation in the past 15 months! Nick, Sarah and Glen graciously offered to watch Zach for a few days so we could get away. So we decided to head to Las Vegas for a few days with our friends the Krotoskys. We scored a sweet deal on our hotel stay at the Mirage and decided to drive (5 hours). So Saturday morning bright and early we headed out of town......

First stop - the gas station by our house for some road trip snacks. 6:30am and Dustin goes for the 3 foot long beef jerky and a mountain dew.

We made it to Las Vegas all safe and sound and were able to check into our hotel a few hours early. We had a nice strip view - and the rooms looked super sweet.

Some highlights from our trip....lots of time down at the pool relaxing! Seeing how much Las Vegas has changed since our last visit two years ago. Yummy food at some great restaurants. The cirque du soleil at the Bellagio....oh, and watching the cops pull over a random driver as a drunk college student decides to jump into the Mirage pool and climb the waterfall for a picture!

Oh - and of course we ENJOYED being able to sleep in as long as we wanted for TWO mornings! Thanks to everyone for letting us get a way for a bit!

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