Friday, September 30, 2011

Double Trouble

Sigh.....I think this picture says it all....nothing is safe!

They teamed up to get the donut package off the counter and opened it and each picked what they wanted, Then looked to see where Mom and Dad were.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

A Pirate's life for ME!

Jen couldn't help purchase some Halloween costumes from Old Navy....they were SO CUTE! She figured the boys would get a kick out of wearing the pirate costume, not just for Halloween, but for every day play. Boy was she right....

All those entering our house from now on are required to give the pirates some gold coins (chocolate gold coins work too...).

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cute stuff

These boys seem to have a knack for looking cute.

Zach has been coming into our room early in the morning and sleeping on our bedroom floor. Once Jen gets up to get ready for work, Zach jumps in the bed and snuggles with Dustin....

Here both boys are snuggled in our bed watching a movie....

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Eagle Eye

You HAVE to have an eagle eye with Logan around.

This evening Logan was hanging out in the garage with dad. Mom was inside, she had drawn a bath for the boys and went to get Zach out of his bedroom. During this couple of minutes, Logan decides to head back in the house. Dustin doesn't think much of it - Jen is in the house, she can watch Logan. Jen walks into the bathroom with Zach to start his bath and this is what was found...

Yes - that would be Logan, fully the BATHTUB! Zach was VERY concerned his brother had clothes on in the tub. He promptly jumped in and helped Logan get undressed.

Jen in the other hand went in the garage and had a word with Dustin.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Earth Wellness Festival

One of Jen's friends was performing at the "Earth Wellness Festival" in Park City so we decided to check it out and make a day out of it. We had lunch at our favorite local restaurant, Good Thymes. The kids always enjoy eating at this place, as they have the BEST giveaway for kids to keep them entertained (instead of crayons and paper menus).

Outside the restaurant, there is a big open area for people to perform - no performances today which means there were lots of things for kids to play on.

First there were Olympic bobsleds to climb....

Then there were lots of dogs to meet...

Then there were sculptures to climb...

Jen's friend wasn't performing until ~3pm, so we tried to NOT get to the festival super early. Why you may ask? Well, what do you picture when you hear an "Earth Wellness Festival" is going on? We pictured hippies and lots of people that don't believe in wearing deodorant.

When we arrived it turned out to be lots of information booths with people selling their earth friendly goods. There was a stage area for performers. I was impressed they even had things to keep kids entertained. Zach loved spending some time on the rock climbing wall...

Next we hit up the hippie music bus. An old school bus had been converted into a room with lots of drums. The "driver" lead us in our own musical exploration. The kids liked pounding as hard as they could on the drum. Logan decided to leave the bus first....we just followed him out :)

We finished up looking at all the booths, and headed to the stage area. Now THIS was a bit more like what we were expecting. Hippie hula hoopers. Yes - they called themselves professional hula hoopers....and those weren't costumes they were wearing....that was their everyday attire.

Finally Jen's friend was up. They were doing a Zumba demonstration. Zach got friendly with all the ladies....he hung out with them before their performance, even went through stretching exercises with them!

Zach even told us he was going to go and perform with Jen's friend. We were all for it...we wanted to catch it on camera. But alas, he chickened out....

It was almost 4pm and Zach was on the verge of a melt nap, So we stayed a bit longer and then decided to head home, where Zach fell asleep about 5 minutes into the 45 minute drive home.

We enjoyed our day in Park City!

We remember...

We planned to spend some time in Park City today and decided to take a longer route - through Provo Canyon and Heber to reach our destination. While driving through downtown Heber this completely caught our eye.

It caught our eye so much we pulled off to the side of the road to take some pictures and ended up driving around the block so we could pass by it again! They fire department had the ladder extended so the flag would be right over the middle of the four lane road. What a PERFECT tribute in remembrance of the events that happened ten years ago.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Looking for employment

Our kids love hanging out at McDonald's so much that during our last visit Logan decided he would apply for a job!

Uh....that computer may NOT have been working after Logan was done working with it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting with the times....

When Jen graduated from college over 11 years ago and moved in her own apartment in Austin, Texas - she bought this....

Her first 32 inch TV. Eleven years ago this was an AWESOME it is just BIG and BULKY. Check out the side view:

The TV still works great today. It has been our "bedroom TV" for the last 6 years....we don't really watch TV in our bedroom so it has just been collecting dust. All the TV components for our living room TV have been residing in the same armoire in our bedroom with this old Sony 32 inch. The kids have been playing WAY TOO MUCH with all the TV components (loading/unloading DVDs in a PS3, pushing any and all buttons, etc.) so Dustin decided to move the components above our bedroom TV instead of leaving them below the TV. That quick "switch" was taking WAY TOO LONG. After 20 minutes Jen walked in the room, looked at all of it and said, "that is it....we are heading to Best Buy and buying a flat panel to replace this old TV." Dustin looked at her for about five seconds and responded with, "come on kids, get in the car quick before mom changes her mind".

So off to Best Buy we go on a Saturday afternoon. We walked up and down the TV aisles until Jen said, "this is the one I want". Dustin just smiled (cause he knew Jen picked out a good one!). Jen then said, "I want a blu-ray player to go along with this TV - Dustin please go pick one out." The smile on Dustin's face got even bigger. Ten minutes later we walked out of Best Buy with our upgrade.

Hello 2011!

It's smoker time!

We have been getting GREAT use out of the smoker Dustin got for his birthday this year. Most the time when we smoke some meat we plan ahead and make it an all day affair. Zach LOVES to help his dad every chance he gets. This weekend we did salmon, chicken and pork.

Here is Zach vacuum sealing some seasoned meat so we can smoke it tomorrow.

The meat turned out oh so yummy! We have and endless supply of salmon in our freezer from Dustin's fishing trip to are some of the cuts after they have been smoked.

Jen is a fan of the smoked chicken. We put a strip of bacon on top and it keeps the chicken oh so moist!

We also tried Jaren's smoked pork recipe - it also turned out PERFECT!

This is how you watch football

I think Zach has started something new....