Saturday, November 9, 2013


We've been trying to potty train Logan for MONTHS.  I believe we have tried every bribe possible to get this kid to want to go to the potty instead of conveniently using a pull-up.  Guess what worked?  A trip to "Mickey Mouse's House".....

We kept this as a surprise to the kids - when we were exactly going to "Mickey Mouse's House".  So today we hopped on our plane to Orlando for 5 days at Disney World!

Jen's parents were finishing up a cruise in Orlando and planned to meet us for the week adventure...but we didn't tell the kids this.  Zach ended up putting two and two together....."Mom - Grandma and Grandpa Twogood are in Florida are they going with us?"  We are excited to have our kids experience Disney for the first time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Drive through Payson

Today we drove down to Payson to meet up with Dustin's Aunt Cheryl.  We started the day off with picking up Subway sandwiches and going to this beautiful park to have lunch.  The place was completely empty and all the leaves had fallen from the trees - perfect for little boys to explore!

Group shot!

 Funny face group shot!

We drove up the road a bit to a short hike that Jeanette and Cheryl new about that ended at a small waterfall...

The boys were fascinated with the moss growing on the side of the rocks....

Then we did a scenic loop was beautiful!  We stopped along the way at a lookout spot and there was some fresh snow on the ground, so of course a snowball fight was started :)

We didn't know this drive existed so close to our home!  Good times today!