Friday, January 17, 2014

Zach turns 6!

Six years ago today we welcomed our first child to our family!  In 2008 at 7:47am,  Zachary Dustin Gray made his presence.  We love Zach more than words can express.  He is kind hearted and does just about anything to please everyone.  Zach always obeys and is an excellent example to his younger brother.  So when an awesome kid like this asks for a Monster Truck cake and to have his birthday at Chuck E. do it!

We invited some of our neighborhood friends to join the fun with Zach at Chuck E. Cheese

Zach was super pumped to go into the ticket blaster cage and try to grab as many as he could.

All the kids loved having unlimited tokens to play all the games they wanted.

Whats a party without presents? Zach ended up being more interested in playing than opening all his we ended up taking the rest of his presents home to open later.

Logan had been dying all night to try out the guitar, medal and crown that Zach was given at Chuck E. Cheese...

Birthday COMPLETE!  
Happy 6th Zach!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Annual Wellness Check-ups

It is that time of year again - wellness check-ups for the kids.  They were both a bit more 'happy' at the doctors office this year because neither of them needed shots!  The pediatrician that saw them was very friendly and played games with the kids, gave lots of high fives and everyone left in a good mood.  Here are the stats for the boys:

Zach - 6 year old checkup
Weight = 49.8 pounds, 73rd percentile
Height = 47.1 inches, 80th percentile

Logan - 4 year old checkup
Weight = 44.2 pounds, 94th percentile
Height = 42 inches, 83rd percentile

They are growing up!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Years 2014!

Hello!  It has been a struggle to make blogging a priority in you can tell from the massive lack of posts!  When we sent out our Christmas cards this past holiday we attached our blog address...probably not the smartest thing to do since the blog is not current!  So that is my goal - get this thing updated and keep it updated in 2014!  Stay tuned...and feel free to keep coming back to browse the older posts I add!  I know for sure I am missing the Bear Lake vacation from July and everything October 2013 to now.