Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day Fun

Looks like the Easter Bunny (EB) made his stop at our house this year.  He left a bucket full of toys and candy filled plastic eggs for both Zach and Logan.

I don't think I have seen our boys wake up so fast.  Zach is the type of person that has to slowly wake up.  This morning when he walked out of his room he saw the plastic eggs waiting to be collected.  He  ran as fast as he could to gather them all.

Logan was very interested in checking out his haul.  He was proud of his own transformer.

Zach loved his gifts from EB too....this boy is starting to get into Skylanders.

Breakfast consisted of solid milk chocolate bunnies.  Logan did a great job of devouring about half the bunny and ensuring it covered his entire face and hands.  One Easter to remember!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

The joys of Spring

One thing we DO NOT look forward do every Spring is yard/sprinkler repair.  Normally each year we have a few sprinkler heads in the front yard that need replacing, but this year we had something a bit more major to take care of.  All the neighbors around us have experienced the same problem this year - cracks in the PVC pipe or elbow joints.  Normally the city shuts off the irrigation water during the winter so water is not in the pipes, but it appears that did not occur this we have some repair work to do!

Logan was Dustin's little helper...he wanted to be right down in the action.

I know Dustin secretly loves doing this kind of stuff...after all it did take two trips to Lowe's!

HOA Easter Egg Hunt

We love our HOA Easter Egg Hunt.  The kids have fun seeing all the neighborhood friends and the stuff they hunt for is high end compared to most places you go.  They always start it off with some mingling with donuts and juice...

Everyone gathers around in the street...surveying the goods....

Our kids get impatient they have to wait for the hunt to start....

Logan's age group goes first (0-3 years of age)...this was the crowd he was dealing with.


Next up was Zach's age group (4-7 years of age) is the crowd he was dealing with!

When it was all done Logan wanted to watch the ducks at the pond...


After everything was cleaned up we hung around and chatted with some of our neighbors.  The kids were having a great time checking out their stash and making trade and eating as much of it as they could while their parents were occupied.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Snowbird - take 3

Dustin was rewarded again with our companies Snowbird ski passes today.  Jen couldn't sneak away from work this time so just Dustin and Zach hit the snow slopes.

Zach has turned into quite the little hot rod skier!  He doesn't hesitate at all - next ski season is going to be GREAT!

Sunday, March 24, 2013


You know your cat is tolerant when you see this....

...ears back and all!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Hello Durango

We've been talking about getting a new vehicle some time this Fall.  Jen wants something with a third row.  Dustin wants something that can haul/tow ThunderPig if needed.  We have done our research but just couldn't narrow down something we both completely fell in love with.  Jen wanted a Toyota Highlander, Dustin wanted a Toyota Tundra (no third row seating in that!).  So today we got a babysitter and decided to test drive the Toyotas.  We drove the Highlander, 4 Runner and the Tundras.  No matter how much you tell a car salesman that you aren't purchasing today they always keep pushing...."what would it take for you to take this car home tonight".    The 4 Runner wasn't 'comfortable', the Highlander had the room, the Tundra was just big.

We left the Toyota Dealership and ran some errands (remember the kids were with the babysitter!).  One of our errands put us near the auto mall in Sandy.  Dustin said, "Hey lets go look at the Durango's...those are REALLY sweet trucks".  Jen sighed and said okay.  We found a sales person and  Dustin chatted car specs/options with the guy while Jen looked the Durango through and through.  Plenty of room - even in the third row, and the layout of the dashboard was far superior to what we had just seen in the Toyota's.  We went for a test drive.  Finally a salesman that ASKED us to peel out in the parking lot.  Dustin was like a gitty school girl driving that V8 HEMI.  He was hooked.  The salesman took us to the side lot where we looked at all the Durango's they had in stock....from a distance there was another Durango that a salesman was driving - we asked, what about that one?  It was the color Dustin wanted (black) and had the rim package Dustin wanted and was the model Dustin wanted.  That particular Durango was the "demo".  Basically the sales staff special orders a Durango with all the bells and whistles to show as a demo.  They normally keep it until around 3,000 miles and then sell it.  This Durango had 2,200 miles on we asked them if they would sell it to us for a better than new car price.  To make a long story short...they did :)  We traded in the 4Runner....and left that evening (yes, even though we didn't have to price haggle it still took FOREVER for them to finish the paperwork) with a 2013 DURANGO R/T!

The next day Dustin took these pictures outside...

We LOVE it!  It meets Jen's wants/needs....meets Dustin's wants/needs...and even has MORE than we originally wanted!

Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

For some reason I didn't think to take a pictures of our kids decked out in their green today. We did spend some time going on a leprechaun hunt and look for rainbows.  The lasting memory of the day is the 'packages' that arrived for the kids from Grandma and Grandpa Twogood....

My kids are suckers for gold chocolate these packages were PERFECT!  They had gold bars (carmel popcorn bars) and gold chocolate coins in them.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Spring is HERE!

Today was the first beautiful weekend day of the Spring season.  We took the opportunity to do some yard work clean up...and let the kids run around and burn off some energy!  Here were some snapshots of the great memories....

I think we are ready to see this in the sky for the next 9 months....