Monday, March 29, 2010

If the shirt fits....

Today was Jen's first day back at work after a 13 week maternity leave. We've learned a bit more on how to make this an easier transition since having Zachary.....
  • Jen is working part-time her first three months back. Fingers crossed Logan is sleeping through the night by July!!
  • Both the boys are going to in home daycare - the same AWESOME family that was watching Zach before Logan was born. We feel so comfortable with them and our kids are happy...what more could a parent ask for?
In honor of all that we do to make our life balance the best between work and home - we bought this outfit for Logan:

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The day of LOGAN

Today is Logan's day! March 28th - Logan is THREE MONTHS OLD!

We had the opportunity to have Logan's baby blessing at the church on his three month birthday (TODAY!). Dustin's parents, grandma, sisters w/husbands and kids were all in town for the event. Local Aunts, Uncles and cousins were also in attendance. After the church services everyone headed back to our house for some lunch.....this is the clan:

I don't think our house has EVER been this packed. Everyone wanted to stay upstairs....I don't think the kids realized the cooler toys were in the basement! Here was our yummy lunch spread:

I some how neglected to get pictures of how packed our house was....oops. I have pictures of the food but not of all the people...I must have been distracted! We LOVED having everyone celebrate with us....and of course Zach and Logan LOVED having everyone here!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Could it really be SPRING?

Check out what the grass on our front yard looked like today!

We tried to do stuff outside too!

Easter Egg Hunt - the REAL one!

Our HOA hosted an Easter Egg hunt for the kids in the neighborhood this morning. It was a bit chilly and really windy - but that didn't stop ANYONE from attending the event! There were three age categories - 3 and under, 4-6 years, 7 and up. Zach, Peyton and Jackson all grabbed their baskets and went to town. Peyton even snuck into the 4-6 year old hunt as well - there was TONS of candy for everyone!

This was the area they decided to have the hunt
Everyone anxiously waiting for the start
Zach LOVES dum dum that is what he chose to pick up...even though mom and dad kept pointing at the chocolate pieces
His haul
Peyton's haul....the boy cleaned up! He got all the awesome chocolate pieces!
Nick, Sarah and Dustin's Grandma Simmons (92 years old!) were in town and watched from the sidelines.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Drive In

This gives new meaning to "drive-in's"!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chuck E. Cheese

Tonight was Chuck E. Cheese night with all the kids! I think the parents were looking forward to this just as much as the kids.....we decided to head to Cafe Rio first for dinner, then go to Chuck E. Cheese for games. We had a coupon for 100 tokens for $12.50. So for $12.50 we kept four adults and three kids entertained for an hour! Not too bad!

Zach was all about the cars. He rode all the cars, he played on all the car video games....

The kids also got to see Chuck! High fives of course....

Zach had a new way to play skee-ball.....

Jen's favorite part of Chuck E. Cheese are the machines that create these:

We will be going back again very soon.....

School Boy Apples

I saw this sign in the store today....I have NEVER heard of school boy apples...anyone else?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - practice run

The guys (Dustin, Craig and Glen) decided that in order to make super Easter egg hunters out of our kids....we needed to do a trial run. The weather was beautiful so the guys set it all up in our backyard. I think they had fun at the store buying the plastic eggs and candy to go in the could tell what candy was "really" for the adults! This was Zach's 2nd Easter egg hunt - last year we went to a hunt in Idaho and Zach really didn't get the whole concept of snagging every thing you see in site (mom did all the snagging for him!!). This year was totally different....Zach was good at finding the eggs!

Peyton also was a fantastic Easter egg hunter....check out part of his haul!

The funny part when Zach saw all of Peyton's eggs - he actually went over and stole a few! Oh well - the kid had more eggs and candy than what they knew to do with them! Glen, Mary and Pat watched the festivities from the top of our deck.

Logan was also on the look out for year this kid will be ready to hunt with his big brother!

Discovery Gateway

Salt Lake City has an AWESOME children's museum. If you are in the area or plan to visit - you have to take your kids. This place is called Discovery Gateway and is in the Gateway shopping center area, next to the Energy Solutions Center where the Jazz play. We packed up the crew from our house (4 adults, 3 yr old, 2 yr old, 1 yr old and a 3 month old) and made it our day. The kids (and adults) had a blast.

Construction Zone - Zach is in heaven!
Boys and trucks - need I say more?
Jackson wanted to play in the water area the whole time!
Zach doing some grocery shopping - mom has him trained well....
Water balloon painting - these turned out cool...too bad we forgot to pick them up before we left!
Retired Life Flight helicopter
Zach is the pilot

Proof we were all actually at the museum - the adults had more fun with this particular toy

Zach wanted to be baby Logan and leave the museum in the infant car seat attached to the stroller.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Three boys in a tub

Cousins ROCK!

5 guys burgers

When Jen was in Virgina for work three years ago - there was this AWESOME burger place everyone went to for lunch. It was called FIVE GUYS BURGERS. Very well known on the east coast. Utah did not have any of these food places until about a year ago. We like 5 guys burgers because not only do they taste FANTASTIC, when you order to tell them what you want on your burger...that means every burger is made individually! We had to share this yummy delight with the Lovatos.

Logan may not have been able to eat the burger and fries...but he sure did LOVE his bottle!

Monday, March 22, 2010


Zach has been putting on his cousin Peyton's bright GREEN CROCS. He seems to like them......why oh why?

Kangaroo Zoo

Someone got this a bunch of bouncy houses and put them in a HUGE building. Charge kids to come play on them! This place - Kangaroo Zoo - is a BIG HIT around here. We decided to take the kids (3 year old, 2 year old, 1 year old all participated) and see what they thought. The place was EMPTY - I think we lucked out....Monday afternoon right after lunch. The kids RAN around for almost TWO HOURS!

Of course the dads (Dustin and Craig) also snuck in some participation....since the place was so empty and all....Dustin and Zach LOVED going down the really tall slides. That kept them busy most the time.

I think we will be going back :)