Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bro Twogood's Pad

Jen's brother bought a house last year. This was our first trip back to California since his family moved into their place. We spent the afternoon hanging out at their home - which meant more play time for Zach and Scott. Looking at their backyard and all the fun kid toys they had...we decided we are behind on cool kid toys....we might have to do something about that!!

It was such a nice day outside, we packed up the kids and went for a walk. They LOVED the wagon ride (of course what kid wouldn't!).

There are also some ducks that were visiting - so the kids chased them and them tried to feed them bread.

Did you notice that Scott and Zach are wearing the same shirt? That wasn't planned. Apparently Jen and Renee have the same great taste in kids clothes ;)

We love this picture of Renee teaching Zach to blow on a flower:

And because most of these pictures do happen to have Zach in them....we wanted to show people that Logan isn't missing and does exist...he was just chilling inside with his grandma and grandpa...flashing this beautiful smile!

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