Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 guys burgers

When Jen was in Virgina for work three years ago - there was this AWESOME burger place everyone went to for lunch. It was called FIVE GUYS BURGERS. Very well known on the east coast. Utah did not have any of these food places until about a year ago. We like 5 guys burgers because not only do they taste FANTASTIC, when you order to tell them what you want on your burger...that means every burger is made individually! We had to share this yummy delight with the Lovatos.

Logan may not have been able to eat the burger and fries...but he sure did LOVE his bottle!

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jen madsen said...

There burgers are the Best! my husband always gets the cheesebuger with fried onions, bbq sauce, lettuce tomato, and mayo. There fries are good too, i think.