Friday, March 5, 2010

Jelly Bellies

On our trip to California we decided to pack everyone up and drive down to Fairfield where there is the home of the Jelly Belly factory. They have free tours around the factory and you get to see how they make the jelly beans and how it all gets packaged and shipped. You also get FREE SAMPLES!!!

The first thing we did when we walked in the door is use this machine. You pick the flavor Jelly Bellies you want and then the dump truck gets them and dumps them for you to eat. Of course this was a hit with Zach and Scott.

We got to wear these snazzy hats on our tour. Zach and Dustin hamming it up - if you look closely they are actually wearing the hats upside down! Oppppsssssssssssss..

Even Logan joined the hat action.

Family shot in front of Jelly - of course Logan is sleeping in the stroller.

Here is the group shot we got - it includes Jen's parents and her brother and his family.

Afterwards we went to Chevy's for some Mexican food for lunch. Zach and Scott kept each other entertained...the first meal out in a while where we could enjoy eating without having to keep Zach behaving.

Jen's brother, Garrett, has a birthday in a few weeks so we decided the wait staff needed to sing to him. They give you a hat and free ice cream! Garrett was so proud of his hat he wore it for the 1 hour drive home. What would you think if you saw a white guy wearing a sombrero driving down the freeway?

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Craignlisa said...

What a fun trip! Jen you are looking awesome by the way for only having a 2 month old. I am glad the flight there went well, and hoping that the return flight goes smooth as well. We are so excited to come and visit you guys soon.