Monday, December 29, 2008


Parenting has been a challenge the past few days…..we thought Zach was getting his terrible two’s a whole year early. Zach is normally a very easy going kid…..the past few days we have experienced:

• Diarrhea diapers (yup – he’s had his 1st blowout…this 2nd blowout and this 3rd blowout!)
• Gags eating “solid” food and throws up (in Tuscano’s lobby Saturday afternoon none the less….)
• Suddenly starts crying in the bath tub while playing with this toys
• Successfully scratched up the back of his neck and inside of one of his ears with his killer claws (yes – we do cut them)
• Cries when he drops the toy his playing with…heaven forbid he bend down and pick it up….
• Falls asleep for bed at 7:30pm – and sleeps 12+ full hours!

Well – at our morning visit with the pediatrician we learned Zach has DOUBLE ear infections. Our sweet little baby isn’t turning into a terror – he has a legitimate reason to not feel or act “good”. Finally a visit to the doctor where the co-pay was well spent!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Zach at 11.5 months

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pictures 2008

We wanted to share some of the highlights from Zach's first Christmas
Zach had the chance to meet Santa TWICE this year! :) This Santa was at Aunt Mary's house.. Zach was really excited and liked to pull on Santa's wiskers.. Santa didn't enjoy that part so much I bet ;-)
Grandpa Gray with Santa and Zach

Grandpa Gray and his little elf.. Zachary

Sarah decided to make the largest Gray family cookie ever.. in honor of Zach.. Ok, and just for a bit of fun.

Zach with his Christmas Eve gift.. a polar bear! How cool!

Zach is Mommy's little helper.. He can unwrap anything in no time at all.

Grandpa and Grandma celebrating Christmas with us

Sarah unwrapping her gifts.. Indian food! Fitting for her since she is such a great chef!
Zach got a bus for Christmas! He loves it

Jen's friend Kwang got Zach a rocking horse.. This thing is awesome.. Plays music and everything!

Thanks for sharing this special time of year with us. Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

snow FUN!

The second time we took Zachary out in the snow he enjoyed it a bit more. We made a snowman this morning!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I don't need a nap....

Zach has been fighting his naps A LOT lately-especially if there are people over...or if we are playing Rock Band (he wants to be the drummer)...well, tonight we tried putting him down for his last nap...and it started coinciding with his dinner we figured, if he has a full belly maybe he would take his nap faster. I guess we were RIGHT!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Random stuff on a Saturday

Why do birds keep flying in to the windows of my house? The windows aren't open....yet a bird has smacked himself into a window of my house THREE TIMES this morning.

Also....the FED EX delivery guy just dropped off a a BUDGET MOVING TRUCK. Last night we saw a UPS truck with a UHAUL trailer hitched to the truck. Either everyone is mailing more packages this Christmas....or they are short vehicles...or short staffed?

The snow keeps coming....

We have received our fair share of snow this week....I believe there is about a foot of it in front of our house. What a perfect time to bundle Zach up and introduce him to the "cold white powder" stuff.

Whoa - check out my new snow and ALL!

This was about all we could get him to do....just smile.

Maybe next year there will be a smile?
Our "sled" (really is an old moving box) - didn't even do the smiles from Zach!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Never a good thing

This is what I got when booting up my laptop this evening....never a good thing!
......they say once you go Mac you won't go back.....I am starting to see why....

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Economic Soap Box

We just drove past the gas station.... $1.49 for a gallon of 85 octane unleaded. $1.49 a gallon! Gas hasn't been this low in four years. So we got to thinking (a very dangerous thing...) - when gas prices kept rising the cost of everything else did as well. Delivery of any item cost more because gas cost more resulting in higher priced food, etc.....airline tickets went up because gas cost more. gas prices have decreased, have you noticed the price of anything else get cheaper? We sure haven't.....someone out there is still making a killing...and it isn't us!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Not "quite" the perfect week....

As I sit to surf the hits me that I haven't blogged in a week. Why haven't I blogged? turns out this has been a week....that I would just like to forget! Recap:
  • Sunday - we both give talks at church; decorate the Christmas tree we cut down two days earlier. Head to bed, 30 minutes later hear our tree crash to the floor (compliments of our cats and too small of a Christmas tree stand). Spent the next hour tying our tree to the banister of the stairs, picking up broken ornaments and sucking a couple gallons of water out of the carpet with the steam cleaner.
  • Monday - exhausted from the Sunday night mishaps. Buy a new "larger" Christmas tree stand, redecorate the tree, and make the shopping list for Dustin's work Christmas party which is at our house on Wednesday. Zach decides his new bedtime is midnight and literally cries and screams from 8pm to midnight.
  • Tuesday - exhausted from Monday nights activities and a child that didn't want to go to bed. Learn of some issues at work that will obviously take more than the allotted 8 hours of my day to fix. Come home (thank you to Dustin for getting take out for dinner!) finish decorating the house for the party tomorrow night and head to the local Walmart (YUCK) for food/christmas gift shopping - 1.5 hours later (10pm at night) I return home to find Zach wide awake...he decides his bedtime is yet again not 8pm, but midnight.
  • Wednesday - exhausted from Tuesday's activities and decided to take the day off from work to catch up on my mental/physical health....this included sleeping in until noon and getting a massage. Then enjoying the Christmas party at my house this evening. 8:30pm rolls around....and Zach still doesn't want to go to bed....urgh...midnight yet again.
  • Thursday - wake up at 4am barfing. Can't afford to take another day off work (remember the full plate at work on Tuesday and I just took the day before off!)...skip breakfast, skip lunch...walk out in the middle of two separate meetings to go barf in the bathroom at the end of the work day I realized I had motion induced nausea - get an earful from everyone that I am pregnant (NO I AM NOT!)....head home and veg on the couch (big thanks to Dustin for taking the Zach duties for the night...which included the midnight bedtime). After chilling on the couch for an hour I realize I can't muscles had tightened up so much. I start getting the chills...head to bed with my electric blanket cranked.
  • Friday - wake up at 8am (should have been up at 6am to get to work on time), realize my motion induced nausea was gone and I can actually keep down breakfast. Generally feeling better but just exhausted - but yet again can't skip work because of too much going on at work. Good thing I did go to work because several problems were solved - and lots got done...I actually left the work day feeling accomplished. Come home, play with Zach, enjoy a Cafe Rio burrito for dinner (take out compliments of Dustin again) this point I look at Zach's teeth and see that tooth #6 was about to break through and the gums physically look like they hurt - seriously, you know when you get that pimple on your face that just won't pop but hurts sooooooo bad...this is what Zach's gums looked like for tooth #6. I think I get smart by giving him Tylenol before bedtime...and Zach actually falls asleep drinking his 8pm bottle (THANK GOODNESS!)...put him to bed, thinking finally after 4 nights of being up to midnight he would get a normal nights sleep....WRONG! 9pm rolls around and Zach is up crying, crying, crying...that tooth is just killing him. I try orajel for the first time...didn't help...I think it actually made his upper lip swell. 30 minutes later I give him highlands teething tablets...he calms down...and 30 minutes later falls asleep laying next to me on the couch. I tip toe to put him to bed and he actually sleeps until 8:30am Saturday morning!
  • Saturday - wake up and finish wrapping the Christmas gifts I couldn't get to the other days this week...seal up a package to head to North Carolina...we hit the road so I can mail that package - find it will cost me $90 to get it to NC on Wednesday, $19 to get it there of the gifts in the package is for a Thursday birthday - sorry Craig, the $19 won out...your gift (which you will love by the way) will be a day late. Next stop hair cuts for Zach and Dustin - which actually turned out much better than our first hair cut experience with tears this time....and he is still mesmerized by the yellow balloon. Now I need to start making a list of everything else to get done before Christmas!