Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Surprise Find

I love when I am going through pictures on my camera and I find ones that I did not take...I stumbled upon these gems today and they just put a smile on my face :)

Friday, July 11, 2014

Full Moon

The moon was so bright and whole tonight...we had to try and sneak in a picture!  This was taken with Jen's DSLR camera....check out the detail!

Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July - Desert Forest Lane style!

Everyone in our neighborhood knows that 4th of July is HUGE on Desert Forest Lane.  We barricade our street, pull out the grills, eat potluck style and put on an awesome fireworks show....followed by the city of Lehi's fireworks show at Thanksgiving Point (you can see all of it from the front of our house).

Set up on the street began mid afternoon...

The grill was a popular have to grill on the 4th of July!

The kids LOVED the parachuters...we've got to get more of these for next year!

Sparklers are always a hit as well!

The 'big boys' handle lighting off all the big fireworks.  Safety glasses were mandatory this year!

We love the 4th of July, especially when a good chunk of our neighborhood come and help celebrate with us.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Logan lost his 1st tooth (again)!

Today Logan lost his 1st tooth again!  You can read all about how he lost his 1st tooth the first time here.  As much drama as having the tooth fall out the first time....there was just as much drama with it fallout out the second time!

About 3 months ago we were at our routine dental cleanings and the dentist discovered that Logan had an infection in the gums where this tooth was at.  What we thought was a canker sore on his gums was actually a pocket full of puss from all the infection.  The dentist gave us a prescription for an antibiotic to fight the infection, but in the end he wanted the tooth pulled to prevent the infection from reoccurring.  We were a bit skeptical....we worked hard to save that first tooth...this was a new dentist at our regular office, could we trust him?

About 4 weeks later we saw a 2nd dentist (the one we regularly see) and asked for new X-rays to make sure the infection was gone and get a second opinion.  The infection was gone (for now), but the bone where the re-implanted tooth was had recessed from the event of the 1st tooth coming out and the infection.  He also recommended the tooth come out to allow the bone to fill back in before Logan's adult tooth started pushing down.  I asked how long we could prolong pulling his tooth...was it something that needed to come out today or was it something that could wait 6 months.  The dentist hummed and hawed and basically just said the sooner the better but if we waited 6 months probably no big deal.  Later that night we talked about it and decided that we would have the tooth pulled after our trip to Hawaii that was in 6 weeks.

About two weekends ago Logan was complaining his "tooth" hurt and was playing with his gums.  We take a look and sure enough he has that bubble of puss on his gums indicating an infection.  Plus he's been playing with his tooth so much he's twisted it and it is a bit lower than before....we call the dentist and are able to get an appointment in two days to have the tooth pulled.

Day of the planned tooth pull appointment we totally talk up how awesome it is going to be for the tooth fairy to come see Logan that night!  We go to the appointment and Logan was excited and he's even telling the dentist all about it.   Then comes time for the Novocaine shot.  Logan flinches every time the needle touches his gum.....not when the needle pierces his gum...just when it touches his gum.  The dentist tries for an hour (in between patients) to just give him the injection - no dice.  Logan's gums were so infected nothing was working to help numb the surface enough for the dentist to give him the injection so we could pull out the tooth.  We got a prescription to treat the infection (again) and a referral to a pediatric dentist.

Three days later we have a consultation with the new pediatric dentist.  He assesses the situation, talks everything up to Logan so he is comfortable when he comes back to a future appointment for the tooth pull, and he recommends we gas Logan up to relax him for the injection and tooth pull.  We schedule the future appointment ten days in the future so we are sure Logan's gums are healed from the infection (he finishes the antibiotics).

Today we get home from home/daycare and Jen looks at Logan's tooth.  It is twisted even more and REALLY loose.  Dustin talks to Logan about it and is finally able to yank it out!  Wahoo!  Logan (and us) were so excited to have this tooth out knowing how much pain it had caused him the last couple of weeks and knowing we didn't have to put him through the procedure to have the tooth pulled by the dentist again.  The reason we had such a hard time getting this tooth out by ourselves in the first place?  Check out the root:

Happy Logan!

The tooth fairy DID make an appearance at our house as well.  Logan was so excited to get his first dollar bill from the tooth fairy...just like his big brother Zach.