Friday, February 29, 2008

Where is Sammie?

So tonight it hit me that I had not seen Sammie all day. About 8pm I told Dustin we needed to look for her (our house isn't that big!). He headed down to the basement and came up saying she was in one of the new bedrooms. I haven't been downstairs in a few days so I knew her disappearance wasn't my doing.....apparently Dustin reset the cable modem last night and Sammie snuck in the room while he wasn't looking. SHE WAS LOCKED IN THE BEDROOM FOR 24 HOURS! In her 24 hour moment of solitary confinement she managed to piss in every corner of the room and tried to "dig" out of the room and did some damage to the carpet in a corner by the door. We couldn't get mad at her - the poor cat was just freaked out and it was all our fault. We figured the first thing she would have done once released is use the litter box or eat something...but no...she just wanted to be by our side. She kept walking circles around our kitchen island. Normally Aussie is pretty good about "notifying" us when something is wrong - not this time! He was too occupied watching birds in our backyard - he probably liked having the day to himself!

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The head that won't stop aching!

Urgh! Jen has been having major headaches the past couple of weeks! She has been using her left over Ibuprofin and Percocet for the delivery to help get rid of the headache pain. Apparently headaches are common after pregnancies (according to the world wide web) - they are due to all the hormone changes occuring. I sure hope they go away soon!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Our balding baby!

Get this....Zach is losing his hair - in the FRONT! We thought babies were supposed to lose the hair on the back of their head, not the front! The first picture is when he was a week old, the second was taken today (almost 6 weeks old).

This type of hair line runs in Dustin's family - but Dustin is quick to point out that he has all his hair and plans on keeping all of it. Jen thinks Zachary looks like a mini Chevy Chase! Is this a look ahead to what Zach's hairline will look like when he is 65??

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Zachary's Birth Announcement

Here is the birth announcement Jen created for Zachary - hopefully you all got one in the mail!

Time flies...

Well - today our baby Zachary is FIVE WEEKS OLD! Where has all the time gone? He will be 18 (and out of the house according to Dustin) before we know it! Jen is glad he still squeezes into his 0-3 month clothes, somehow it just means he is still small and as cute as ever.

I have to give props to Dustin - he has been a champ helping out with Zachary. He comes home from work on his lunch break to play with Zach. He watches Zach in the evenings (8pm-midnight) so Jen can get some uninterrupted shut eye. On Friday nights he watches Zachary all night long - so Jen gets even MORE uninterrupted sleep! Dustin doesn't let a 5 week old slow him down, he has already introduced Zachary to "World of Warcraft"...and I bet soon they will be playing guitar hero together!

So the highlight of Zach being 5 weeks old today - he is starting to go 3-4 hours between bottles a few times a day (yes only a few times a day so far). Huge change from the 2 hours it has been since he was born. Now we just need him to start sleeping through the ENTIRE night!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's get this started.... Monster Trucks!

Well - it has been hard for us to update our site lately just due to no time on our is true what they say, having a kid does change everything! We decided to start the blogger just because it is easier than us creating and coding our other site - plus we may start posting more pictures :)

So lets get this started!  Last night was Zach's first Monster Truck show.. Dustin was really excited to take Zach and I.. It must be a guy thing.. big trucks and loud engines. Zach did great. He even had little ear plugs for the show.

Jen looking a little nervous about how Zach will react during the show..`

So far so good! Little Zach is loving the action. This IS how he rolls!  ;-)

Lots of trucks crushing cars.. Yes this is every boy's dream!

Dad, thanks for taking me to the Monster Truck show.. Can we come again next year?

Dustin is hilarious. Not only did he get Zach a Monster Truck he had to get one for him too! So they can play trucks together!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Life as we know it!

Well - it is true you can't get anything done with a newborn around! Jen has been trying to update our website for a while now....but can't seem to find the time to squeeze it in with all of little Zachary's demands. So the best way to see what is going on is to check out our smugmug photo site - Jen does a good job updated it with pictures reguarly. Also - Zachary as created himself his very own blog.

Last night was our first night on the town as a family! The company we work for has a suite at the Energy Solutions Center (where the Jazz play in SLC) and raffles off tickets to non-Jazz events for employees to go to. We scored tickets to the Harlem Globetrotters and a Monster Truck show. Last night was the Harlem Globetrotters. Zach was a good little baby - slept on the car ride in, behaved during the "game" and slept on the car ride back to the house! It was nice to have the suite to chill in, instead of normal seats when you go to these huge events - much more room in the suite. We even had our own bathroom in the suite!

Dustin and Jen with Zach at his first basketball game

Yes, even after having a baby, we can still cheese it up for the camera

We went with one of Dustin's co-workers Wendy, she is so good with kids, Zach loved hanging out with her.

Zach was so good, Dustin got him his very own Harlem Globetrotters basketball. It may be a few more years before he's shooting hoops though, but he loves his ball.