Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Let's get this started.... Monster Trucks!

Well - it has been hard for us to update our site lately just due to no time on our is true what they say, having a kid does change everything! We decided to start the blogger just because it is easier than us creating and coding our other site - plus we may start posting more pictures :)

So lets get this started!  Last night was Zach's first Monster Truck show.. Dustin was really excited to take Zach and I.. It must be a guy thing.. big trucks and loud engines. Zach did great. He even had little ear plugs for the show.

Jen looking a little nervous about how Zach will react during the show..`

So far so good! Little Zach is loving the action. This IS how he rolls!  ;-)

Lots of trucks crushing cars.. Yes this is every boy's dream!

Dad, thanks for taking me to the Monster Truck show.. Can we come again next year?

Dustin is hilarious. Not only did he get Zach a Monster Truck he had to get one for him too! So they can play trucks together!

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Kelly said...

This is great news for me! I'm glad you did this. Now I will be more likely to follow the exciting adventures of Dustin and Jen more regularly.