Monday, March 30, 2009

Happy Meals

Dustin has been dying to take Zach to the play scape at McDonald's.....apparently some family tradition he wants to have is heading to the play scape on Saturday mornings. Well...we decided to go "check out" the play scape. Do you know they got rid of the pit with the balls? Now it is just a big structure with some slides. How is that fun for a kid under two years old? So we instead got food to go and headed home. Dustin proudly ordered Zach his first Happy Meal.

Do you think he liked it? I don't think I have ever seen him eat something as fast as those fries.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Just when we thought Spring was here...

Just when we thought spring was here - BAM! Freak snow/blizzard for three straight hours. That is what greeted us this Sunday morning. Later in the afternoon we went for a drive and were AMAZED at how windy it really was - and yes the snow was all gone by then. We get wind all the time at our house - but have never seen the wind do this:

Signal light turned

Construction sign not only flipped, but completely blown out of the stand

Yeah - good thing this isn't near our house

Have fun trying to use that construction workers!

All photos compliments of my iPhone (yes it rocks). Now can spring/summer REALLY come for good?

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Random post - all about Zach :)

The title pretty much says it. The past few days have been a challenge with Zach when it comes to early morning time - he normally is in bed by 8:30pm and sleeps until 7am. The past 5 mornings he has been waking up anytime between midnight and 5am - we change his diaper and give him a bottle of milk and he goes back to sleep.

Zach's normal nap schedule is two 1.5 hour naps - one before lunch, one around 3-4ish. Today he slept for 3.5 hours in the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon...and was still tired for bed at 8:30pm! We hope this is all a growth spur and not the start of some sickness!

Now for the best part....... Zach LOVES little dogs. We rented "Beverly Hills Chihuahua" a few weeks ago and he watched it THREE TIMES the whole way through. The past week there have been a lot of advertisements on TV for the new movie "Bolt" - a cartoon that has a little white dog in it. We had $20 in free Best Buy reward zone $$ so we decided to buy the movie "Bolt" for him tonight. As you walk into best buy they have all the new releases at the entrance. Zach walked in with us and we headed to the new release DVD wall - he all of a sudden starts getting excited and gets very vocal - RUNS to the DVD of "Bolt" and laughs, talks and smiles (all because of the dog on the front of the DVD cover). The Best Buy employees are all witnessing this as start laughing - as were we! Zach carried that DVD of the movie "Bolt" all around the store with him and up to the checkout and after we paid he carried it to the car! We didn't get to watch the movie when we got home tonight as it was bedtime....but I am sure first thing tomorrow morning "Bolt" is going in the DVD player!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hype over TWILIGHT?

Dustin bought Jen the TWILIGHT series books as one of her Christmas presents in 2007 – she has yet to read them (hey – I would much rather play with Zach right now than read a book!). People freaked out over here when it came to the theaters making us think this was something better than Harry Potter. The TWILIGHT movie just released to DVD – and we had a free rental at red box…so we got it for last night…..

We don’t understand the hype over it. We thought the movie was slow and could have used a few more “special effects” – definitely did not have too big of a budget to create this Harry Potter wannabe. Is this another case where the book is better than the movie? Would you have understood the movie better if you read the book first? I guess I need to crack that book open to find out!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Farm Country

We made use of our Thanksgiving Point membership again today by taking Zach to "Farm Country". It is basically a huge petting zoo. We had taken him one other time last fall...but this time since he is mobile it was a much more interesting trip! He LOVED seeing all the animals...touching them....and taking his FIRST and SECOND pony ride! I think he liked this more than the zoo last weekend. Of course our 70 degree weather also made this trip more enjoyable!

Milking a fake cow

Touching a baby horse

Up close and personal with a pregnant goat

Pony ride with mom

Pony ride with dad

Friday, March 20, 2009

If only...

If only it was like this.....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Not again....

Why do I keep finding this in my fridge?

Dang Petsmart...why do they have to have a 14 day return policy on fish? Don't they realize that they end up in my fridge for a few days before we make it back into the store?

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Hogle Zoo

The weather finally cleared up and was a decent temperature (high of 59 degrees today!) - so we decided to head to Salt Lake City and visit Hogle Zoo. Zach had never been to a Zoo - so it was time to GO! For the most part Zach liked to kid watch instead of animal watch. He does love his cats and monkeys though!

Styling in shades

Checking out a monkey


The giraffe house was pretty sweet....there were 4 giraffes total

Zach loved these tigers!

We would have loved to see this actually happen....HILARIOUS!

We loved how this turtle looked like he was running...he is under water...

Friday, March 13, 2009


Zach is pretty easy going. He drinks juice out of a sippee cup, water out of a cup with a straw...and milk out of his bottle. Every once in a while I will fill his sippee cup up with milk - he dilly dallies but ends up drinking most of it. I convinced myself that I was going to try and break the bottle from Zach this is Friday night and I think I have already lost! I give him a sippee cup of milk before he goes to bed. He lays down as he does every night and starts to drink his milk...and then suddenly starts crying. I figured maybe he hit a sore gum as he is working on those canine teeth...he continues on, stands up on the couch and arches his back and just keeps screaming and crying. I am baffled. I have Dustin go get a bottle and we pour the milk from the sippee cup to the bottle and hand it to Zach....HE IMMEDIATELY STOPS CRYING AND DRINKS HIS BOTTLE. I have been a 13 month old. He won and we still have the entire weekend ahead of us.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

no words necessary

Man Cave - part #2

Now that the garage is painted and no longer smells like paint....time to put things back together. Glen and Dustin spent all day on Saturday putting everything back together and making things a bit more "organized". We now can fit our cars in the garage!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Date Night


Dustin was chatting with some friends and mentioned that we hadn't been on a "date" sans Zach pretty much since he was born (not true - we did go out for Jen's birthday in December...). They looked at him crazy and said, "you will drop him off out our house tomorrow night by ifs ands or buts about it"...Thank you Towners!

Dustin planned a "date night"! He actually did research online to find out what was going on around town for tonight. He settled on "Showtime Utah" an old west dinner and entertainment show, along with other shows and activities - he turned down a Jazz vs. Nuggets game and the ballet Romeo and Juliet so we could be closer to home and not stay out too late (hoping Zach would be a good boy for the Towners).

So we show up at the Towners at 6:30pm - Zach immediately gets excited since they have a little dog called Jack (Zach loves little dogs) and I think he secretly has a crush on the Towners three year old daughter - Kate. No tears as we left there house...okay so we didn't physically let Zach see us leave.....

Next stop - Pleasant Grove for the dinner show! Dustin has told some of his co-workers about the show and some of them decided to come as all three couples were able to sit at the same table. We enjoyed the event! They had an old performing arts theater completely transformed into a western. There was a live band that played the whole night - and a funny show with the 3-4 "actors" they had on site. Dinner was good too!

The band "Steel & Thunder"

Dinner...western style! This was all cooked in a dutch oven!

What can I say...the man likes tall frosty glasses!

We returned at 9:30pm to find Zach still having a GREAT time at the Towners. Looks like we may get more date nights! Kate will chill with us time to time and Zach will go chill with the Towners...and the parents get out!

Monday, March 2, 2009

If you only knew how easy it was to kill a FISH!

What do you think is easier to keep alive....a 13 month old kid or some fish? Apparently we are better at keeping the kid alive!

We purchased a used 10 gallon fish tank from a co-worker and proudly put it in Zachary's room. He loves fish so we figured he would get a kick out of it. Well...after the first few days of just water in the tank it looked a bit problem add some "stuff" the teenager employees at Petsmart recommended. We then purchased three fish - they seemed to love there new home. The blue fish would always put on a show for us. Then the co-worker that we got the tank from gave us five more fish. We were stoked - all 8 fish got along great. A few days go by...the tank is looking even more cloudy, oh - one fish dead....good thing it was the cheapest fish. Another day goes buy...hmmmm...can't even see through the tank. We proceed to change out some of the water and suck the rocks with the fish tank cleaning tool...add some "special" chemicals that aren't suppose to harm the fish but just "relax" them.

The next morning Jen wakes up to find this:
Yes - that would be a yellow fish in a ziploc bag IN THE FRIDGE! Five of the fish died throughout the night. The yellow fish is Dustin's attempt to save the fish so we can return it to Petsmart - apparently you can get a refund up to 14 days of purchase (this tiny yellow fish cost us $7.50). At this point only two fish remain...wait..make that one fish...for some reason we can't find our blue fish...completely vanished. So ONE FISH remained! This strong fish lived for three more days...until this morning when Jen saw this:

And yes...the water still looks cloudy. So now we have killed seven fish and managed to have one go completely missing all in a weeks time. We are going to start over - and maybe see how long we can keep goldfish alive.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Man Cave – part #1

It has finally come time for Dustin to create his “man cave” – pimping out the garage. Dustin’s dad was in town and we hit him up for a weekend project – tape/float/sanding of the garage walls and priming and painting.

Day 1 - clearing out the entire garage, taking down existing shelves and bike hoists and the taping/floating the walls. This took from 9am until 4pm – both Dustin and Glen couldn't move their arms by the end of Saturday (it didn’t help Dustin came down with a cold Friday afternoon either).

Day 2 – the day started at 9am and the walls were sanded, that took until about 1pm. Then quick trip to Lowe’s to buy primer and paint…and that is when our inner hillbilly started to shine. Everything that wouldn’t fit under a tarp was moved to our front yard – so that was a freezer, two mopeds, two bicycles, shelving, tools, garbage cans….here is the proof:

Then Glen’s airless paint sprayer wouldn’t work – the last person he lent it to didn’t apparently clean it and now it didn’t work…so off to Home Depot to rent one - $60 later a brand new paint sprayer sat in our driveway. The men get to work and an hour later we ran out of primer….so Jen headed back to Lowe’s (1 hour before closing) for another 5 gallon bucket of primer and Arby’s for the starving men. Two hours later the garage was finished for part #1!