Friday, March 6, 2009

Date Night


Dustin was chatting with some friends and mentioned that we hadn't been on a "date" sans Zach pretty much since he was born (not true - we did go out for Jen's birthday in December...). They looked at him crazy and said, "you will drop him off out our house tomorrow night by ifs ands or buts about it"...Thank you Towners!

Dustin planned a "date night"! He actually did research online to find out what was going on around town for tonight. He settled on "Showtime Utah" an old west dinner and entertainment show, along with other shows and activities - he turned down a Jazz vs. Nuggets game and the ballet Romeo and Juliet so we could be closer to home and not stay out too late (hoping Zach would be a good boy for the Towners).

So we show up at the Towners at 6:30pm - Zach immediately gets excited since they have a little dog called Jack (Zach loves little dogs) and I think he secretly has a crush on the Towners three year old daughter - Kate. No tears as we left there house...okay so we didn't physically let Zach see us leave.....

Next stop - Pleasant Grove for the dinner show! Dustin has told some of his co-workers about the show and some of them decided to come as all three couples were able to sit at the same table. We enjoyed the event! They had an old performing arts theater completely transformed into a western. There was a live band that played the whole night - and a funny show with the 3-4 "actors" they had on site. Dinner was good too!

The band "Steel & Thunder"

Dinner...western style! This was all cooked in a dutch oven!

What can I say...the man likes tall frosty glasses!

We returned at 9:30pm to find Zach still having a GREAT time at the Towners. Looks like we may get more date nights! Kate will chill with us time to time and Zach will go chill with the Towners...and the parents get out!

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