Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last day with the cousins

Today was the last day that Jen's brother and his kids and Jen's parents were in town....we tried to cram in as much fun as possible.  We decided to pick up some McDonalds lunch and take everyone to a park to try and blow off some energy.  For some reason none of the kids were interested on playing on all the park equipment, they were more interested in the other people at the park.  Logan for some reason was interested in a particular what does he do?  Drags the cooler over to the tree, so he can stand on it to touch something on the side of the tree.

Uncle Garrett to the rescue - the cooler (and Logan) are now safe.... 

"I don't need a cooler - I can still REACH"

Cousin Scott

Cousin London

Yup - Logan

After the park we headed over to Lowe's.  Garrett's kids had never been to a Lowe's build-and-grow event...and since our kids LOVE IT....why not share the fun!?!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Night in Park City

We all headed up to Park City tonight.  We had dinner at Baja Cantina at the Mountainside resort.  When Zach saw all the activities he got really excited...he remembers being here two years ago and playing on all the activities (what a good memory!).  By the time we finished dinner, the activities at the Mountainside resort were only open for one more hour.  The kiddie area was dead, no one around.  The attendants manning the bouncy slide and the rock wall invited all the kids to come in and play :)

Logan decided he loved the rock wall so much we wanted to climb the other rocks in the play area......look at him on the top of this HUGE rock.  He was so proud of himself that he was able to get to a spot that NO ONE could get him.  Look at that fist pump!

Cousin's at the pool

What do you do when you need to burn off some energy of six children all ages 5 and under?  Take them to the pool!  We grabbed our kids, Jen's brother's kids and our neighbor kids and spent a good two hours at the pool this afternoon.  There were lots of water gun fights, jumping in and splashing.

Good times....good times!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Cousin Shots!

Jen decided to take the kids back to FotoFly for a 'cousin' photo shoot!  Jen's brother was in town with this two kids....We haven't had professional photos for the 'cousin' kids since Zach was 9 months old, so that meant we had two more cousins since 2008!

Here are the ones that we think turned out the best.

This is Jen's brother Garrett and his two kids - Scott (5 years old) and London (3 years old)...

Monday, July 23, 2012

Pool + Camera = FUN!

Jen decided she wanted to try and get some pictures of Dustin and the kids jumping in the pool today and practice her camera skills.  The boys were all over were some of our favorite progressions.

Here are some of my favorite single shots...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wall Fixin'

Dustin has been doing a good job of showing the boys how to do 'guy stuff'.  Today we had some wall repairs to do....random scratches and dents from our dynamic toddler duo.  Surprisingly both the kids were WAY into helping out dad.  Here is some of their handiwork....

 Of course the day would not be complete without Logan hamming it up for the camera!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Foam Day

The City of Lehi had their second annual "Foam Day" event this afternoon.  We didn't really tell the kids what we were doing, we wanted them to figure it out now their own.....

Luckily they had different areas for different age groups.  That made it easy for all of us to enjoy time in the 5 & under spot.

Logan wasn't quite so sure about this stuff.....

 Zach LOVED it!

I think all the boys had a blast!

Apparently the foam was pretty cold.  The boys only lasted about 15 minutes and wanted to get out.  They had fire trucks there spraying water so people could rinse off all the foam.

All done and still smiling!

And Logan fell asleep as we drove home :)