Saturday, March 29, 2014

Crazy super heros

This is how we roll in the Gray house....

Monday, March 24, 2014


Logan came home today with this cool looking crawfish hat.  He was so proud!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Autorama 2014

ThunderPig was in the Salt Lake City Autorama show again this year.  Dustin enjoys this car show because his dad normally comes to town and they get the truck ready together for the show...and then they get to check out all the other cool cars during the 3 day indoor event.  This year Dustin's brother, Eric, was also able to come join the car show fun!

While the kids and Jen were browsing the show on the last day we stumbled upon a ThunderPig knock was a 57 Chevy, same make and model as ThunderPig...just not as much bling.

ThunderPig still looks way cooler!  Then kids also found BUMBLEBEE!  They got so excited and kept trying to look 'under' the car to see him.  I am sure everyone around us got a good laugh.

At the end of the show ThunderPig earned a 'class' award.  We were pretty surprised to get an award this year because we found out that the judges put ThunderPig in the full truck category.  Normally ThunderPig is judged in the street machine category.  The full truck category had all the high end trucks in the show that never get driven and were on stages in the show!  We'll take what ever award we get!!

We are not sure if we are going to put ThunderPig in the Autorama car show next year...I think it is time to drive ThunderPig more for our own pleasure :)