Monday, July 27, 2009

Cookie making time!

Jen and Zach decided to make some cookies tonight! Zach loves to help out - and watch how things transform. Of course he liked eating the finished product too!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Man things

This morning was nice and lazy. Zach slept in until 9:30am, which is unheard of - 7:30am is his normal wake up. So we all got up at 9:30am, made breakfast, watched a movie. At this point Jen decides it is her time to take a shower. Zach is getting antsy to head outside, so Jen tells Dustin - why don't you take Zach outside and do some "man things".

20 minutes later Jen is showered and dressed. She heads back into the living room to hear the boys laughing - and doing this:

Apparently "man things" today were remote control cars. Zach LOVED it! He was chasing the car all around on the hardwood, then the car would chase him...Dustin is now pretty adamant on getting Zach his very own kid remote control car - I am sure we will be visiting Toys'R'us very soon.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Zach's 18 month portraits

We headed back to Portrait Innovations for Zachary's 18 month photo shoot. I think this was the LONGEST we have ever been in that studio (2 hours from start to out the door with our pictures). Having a walking kid makes it harder to get the shots you get him positioned and BAM he walks away. We ended up getting a few good shots and managed to spend our normal $100. Here are our favorites:

We can't get over how much more "grown up" Zach looks in only 6 months. Check out the same pose at one year old and today:

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who can resist a sneak peek?

It is quite "normal" here in Utah to do a gender determination ultrasound before your scheduled ultrasound at 20 weeks with your doctor -- I had never heard of doing this UNTIL moving to Utah. Every mall around here has a "Fetal Studio" in it. You pay someone $60-90 to use an ultrasound machine to see your baby. We actually caved and did it at week #18 for our pregnancy with Zach.

Now pregnancy #2 - we have been talking for about two weeks to decide if we wanted to know the gender of baby #2 before week #20. Then we learned that they start doing them at week #15....and Jen is week#16 right now....heck why not! So tonight we learned that baby#2 is a very active.........


No mistaking it. We got shots at every angle possible. Jen is now seriously outnumbered in the house and Zach is gonna have a brother to pal around with!

The learnings of a child

Zach has been learning body parts lately...he knows his teeth, nose, eyes and ears really well. His favorite is the nose because when you grab the nose you make a honking noise. So tonight Zach was "honking" my nose and it hurt because there was a booger trapped inside (yes -- gross, but we are all adults) not thinking I just picked it so the pain would stop. Zach looked up at me, looked at his finger and then proceeded to put his finger up his nose.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laptop at a snails pace

Before we moved from Austin, Jen purchased a laptop for herself. Seemed like the thing to do as the then new desktop computer would be staying with Dustin while he was working in Boise for that next year. We found a good deal on a Sony VAIO - 100MB hard drive, 1GB RAM.

Now fast forward three years......

The laptop takes a LONG time to boot up. The hard drive has 2GB remaining free space. Dustin is getting grumpy because the laptop is too slow....his solution, wipe the entire hard drive and start over. Jen hesitates.

In the past few days.....

Dustin decides we should upgrade the memory to 2GB, compress unused files and defrag the hard drive (some were suggestions from a sony rep via web chat). Upgrading the memory is pretty cheap - about $30. We compressed unused files - got back 2GB of our hard drive, so now we have 4GB remaining space. We go to defrag the hard drive -- it won't do it! Apparently you need 15% free space to start a defragmentation. So now what? Dustin looks over the installed programs is the conversation that took place next:

Dustin: Jen do you need/use this digital scrapbook software? It is taking up lots of space.
Jen: Uh yeah - I use that program all the time. It can't be that big.
Dustin: 3GB
Jen: How big is your world of warcraft software?
Dustin: Uh....18GB.
Jen: WHAT?!??!?! That is the problem...delete your world of warcraft game off my laptop.
Dustin: Nooooooooo!
Jen: It isn't suppose to be that huge is it?
Dustin: I don't think so. Maybe some of the patches they keep forcing us to download aren't deleting the old files properly.
Jen: Delete that program
Dustin: NOOOOOOOO!!!

The next morning......

Jen notices that a disk deframentation is running on the laptop (it ran all night and still wasn't done)...laptop says 23GB of free space now....guess what program got deleted off Jen's laptop??? WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

American Fork Steel Days

This weekend was Steel Days in American Fork.. Carnival rides, horse shoe competitions.. and yes.. car shows!! With the company of Dustin's dad Glen, we all went to Rotary Park in AF to see Mary and Leo's cars and trucks (56 Studebaker Golden Hawk, 56 Chev car, 47 Desoto, and a 77 Chevy pickup). Two of Mary's cars (restored by Leo's son Chris) won awards! Chris's newest restoration project was the 77 Chevy pickup. Here are a few of Mary's cars that were in the show.

We had a great time walking around past all of the cars. Here are a few that we thought were cool!

After the car show we went down to Main Street and met up with some of our work friends, the Borget's, and watched the cars drive through a parade. We had a great time. Zach loved seeing all of the shiny cars.

Dustin of course was drooling over all of the pickups counting down the days until his Dad and him finish restoring his Dad's '58 Chevy pickup. Lots of cool restoration ideas. :)

Camera found!!

Wahoo! We found Jen's 'little' camera!! While packing up the diaper bag for a full day event - it was tucked away in a side pocket that we hardly use. Whew - we torn apart the house last weekend looking for the camera and even had already looked in the diaper bag.....

Friday, July 17, 2009

We have an 18 month old?!?

It is hard to believe our little baby Zachary is 18 months old today. It just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital - now he is a toddler. We don't have his 18 month check up for another month (long story....apparently I am suppose to "schedule" that appointment at least 6 weeks in advance) - so I don't have any official "stats" to share with everyone....but here are some "stats" of our own:

Approximate weight: 25 pounds
Clothes size: 18-24 months
Shoe size: toddler 7
Diaper size: 4
Number of teeth: 12 (still missing the canines)
# of hours he sleeps at night: 11
# of naps a day: just started 1 a day (2-3 hours)
Latest injury: touched the car rims/brakes after a drive and burned the top of his middle finger - blistered up nicely.
Talking: oh yeah - lots of gibberish.
Understands us? oh yeah - he will do what ever we tell him (the best is throwing away his own diapers after they are changed!)
If Zach was in charge what would be his typical day in our house: Wake up. Drink milk. Eat lots of grapes. Go outside and watch the birds in the backyard. Watch TV (what ever is on Noggin). Eat crackers. Drink juice/water. Chase the cats around the house. Dig through the drawers in mom and dad's bathroom - find a travel sized tube of toothpaste and carry it around the house for the next three hours. Eat lunch (chicken nuggets and PB&J are his fav's right now). Take a three hour nap. Wake up - snack time. Head back outside, climb on our neighbors porch, pick up bark, go on a wagon ride, go to the swimming pool. Drink water. Head back inside - play with my toys in the basement, climb up and down the stairs trying to get to the basement. Dinner time. Tickle fest with daddy. Read books with mommy. Bath time. Turn on all the fans in the house. Chase the cats (again). Drink milk. Go to bed.

We are going to get his 18 month portraits next weekend - so stay tuned for pictures!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fat tire

I am in one of those moods......

I was sitting on the bed and looked over at the mirror and I saw myself with a big "tire" around my belly. Urgh. I am at that time where I don't exactly look "pregnant" but...a bit chunkier - not quite big enough for maternity clothes but can't suck in any part of my tummy.

Week #15.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pudding, sprinklers and cool dudes

This has been the first weekend in a while that we haven't had people in town visiting or some event to attend.....we officially did nothing all weekend....and WE ENJOYED IT! Of course this means all our time was devoted to Zach and finding fun things to do....I think we had a very successful weekend - take a look.


Zach likes pudding - chocolate seems to be his favorite. We decided to let him feed himself his pudding.....looks like he enjoyed it! Notice the pudding hand prints on the table next to him?


It has been hot (for Utah) and we decided to introduce Zach to a "sprinkler". Not sure he totally understood the concept - but he did end up soaking wet. This kid does LOVE the water!

Cool Dude

Zach has always had sunglasses - but until this weekend he refused to wear them. We aren't exactly sure what made him change his mind but now he wants to wear his sunglasses all the time. The ladies in Sam's club this weekend got a kick out of my kid running around in sunglasses (indoors). So he is officially a "cool dude" now - and according to Dustin, cool dudes don't smile for pictures as you can see up above.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My lovely Christmas present has gone I miss my tiny camera that always resided in my purse....what is a girl to do now?