Saturday, July 18, 2009

American Fork Steel Days

This weekend was Steel Days in American Fork.. Carnival rides, horse shoe competitions.. and yes.. car shows!! With the company of Dustin's dad Glen, we all went to Rotary Park in AF to see Mary and Leo's cars and trucks (56 Studebaker Golden Hawk, 56 Chev car, 47 Desoto, and a 77 Chevy pickup). Two of Mary's cars (restored by Leo's son Chris) won awards! Chris's newest restoration project was the 77 Chevy pickup. Here are a few of Mary's cars that were in the show.

We had a great time walking around past all of the cars. Here are a few that we thought were cool!

After the car show we went down to Main Street and met up with some of our work friends, the Borget's, and watched the cars drive through a parade. We had a great time. Zach loved seeing all of the shiny cars.

Dustin of course was drooling over all of the pickups counting down the days until his Dad and him finish restoring his Dad's '58 Chevy pickup. Lots of cool restoration ideas. :)

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