Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who can resist a sneak peek?

It is quite "normal" here in Utah to do a gender determination ultrasound before your scheduled ultrasound at 20 weeks with your doctor -- I had never heard of doing this UNTIL moving to Utah. Every mall around here has a "Fetal Studio" in it. You pay someone $60-90 to use an ultrasound machine to see your baby. We actually caved and did it at week #18 for our pregnancy with Zach.

Now pregnancy #2 - we have been talking for about two weeks to decide if we wanted to know the gender of baby #2 before week #20. Then we learned that they start doing them at week #15....and Jen is week#16 right now....heck why not! So tonight we learned that baby#2 is a very active.........


No mistaking it. We got shots at every angle possible. Jen is now seriously outnumbered in the house and Zach is gonna have a brother to pal around with!


Dustin said...

Boys rule! Now I have more excuses to by tonka trucks, remote controlled "anything", and GI Joes!

Rushell said...

Welcome to my world!!!!! Congrats!