Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Laptop at a snails pace

Before we moved from Austin, Jen purchased a laptop for herself. Seemed like the thing to do as the then new desktop computer would be staying with Dustin while he was working in Boise for that next year. We found a good deal on a Sony VAIO - 100MB hard drive, 1GB RAM.

Now fast forward three years......

The laptop takes a LONG time to boot up. The hard drive has 2GB remaining free space. Dustin is getting grumpy because the laptop is too slow....his solution, wipe the entire hard drive and start over. Jen hesitates.

In the past few days.....

Dustin decides we should upgrade the memory to 2GB, compress unused files and defrag the hard drive (some were suggestions from a sony rep via web chat). Upgrading the memory is pretty cheap - about $30. We compressed unused files - got back 2GB of our hard drive, so now we have 4GB remaining space. We go to defrag the hard drive -- it won't do it! Apparently you need 15% free space to start a defragmentation. So now what? Dustin looks over the installed programs is the conversation that took place next:

Dustin: Jen do you need/use this digital scrapbook software? It is taking up lots of space.
Jen: Uh yeah - I use that program all the time. It can't be that big.
Dustin: 3GB
Jen: How big is your world of warcraft software?
Dustin: Uh....18GB.
Jen: WHAT?!??!?! That is the problem...delete your world of warcraft game off my laptop.
Dustin: Nooooooooo!
Jen: It isn't suppose to be that huge is it?
Dustin: I don't think so. Maybe some of the patches they keep forcing us to download aren't deleting the old files properly.
Jen: Delete that program
Dustin: NOOOOOOOO!!!

The next morning......

Jen notices that a disk deframentation is running on the laptop (it ran all night and still wasn't done)...laptop says 23GB of free space now....guess what program got deleted off Jen's laptop??? WORLD OF WARCRAFT!

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