Saturday, May 31, 2008

Who does Zach look like?

Here is an updated look alike meter! Apparently Zachary is starting to look more like JEN!

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Naked Party

Yes....a naked party! Our good friend Rhonda gave Zachary this very cute onsie:

(picture taken almost two months ago)

Well - Zachary wore this onsie today...and we only thought it would be right if he actually did have a naked party! So tonight after his bath, we let him lay naked on a blanket on our living room floor. He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! He was kicking, giggling having a great time. This went on for a good 15 minutes. Then Jen grabbed the diaper and was just about to put it on, but then stopped cause Zach was having such a fun time....literally 5 seconds later he decided it was time to pee. Yes - completely naked....lets just say the blanket he was laying on needed to be washed! We got a good laugh - especially since if Jen was sitting right next to Zachary with a diaper in hand when this all happened. We had the camera out and got some snapshots of Zachary having a good time (with our comments on what we think he wanted to say):

So you want to join my naked party - eh?

Well - let me think.....

Yeah you can join in on the fun.....

Are you serious?

Uh.....maybe put your clothes back on

Well - take that!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Zachary's baby blessing

With the long memorial day weekend, we are happy to have our parents in town! Both Jen and Dustin's parents made the trek to Utah. We were able to give Zachary his baby blessing at the church - Dustin performed the ordinace. He did such a good job, we had so many people come up (people we don' t know cause our ward is SO HUGE!) afterwards and compliment Dustin. Here are some snapshots for the weekend:

Zachary's first shoulder ride on Dustin

Zachary taking a nap on Grandpa Twogood

Us outside the church after the blessing - Zach was sleeping

Everyone that came to the blessing at the church

The boys fried us a turkey for lunch!

Yummy turkey!

Grandma Twogood giving Zachary a bottle

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two thumbs down

We went and saw the new Indiana Jones movie this weekend. Our work buys out a theater and then sells the tickest to employees for $5, this includes popcorn and a soda...not too bad since you normally spend $5 just for popcorn! We LOVED all the previous Indiana Jones movies, but this one just didn't fit the bill. If you have seen the movie - you know what we are talking about...I am sad to say this one is "two thumbs down".

Monday, May 19, 2008

Zachary's 4 month doctor visit

Our baby is growing so fast! Today Zach had his 4 month check up - can you call it a check-up when you are getting shots? Well - he survived! He was so happy and giggly the whole appointment...then the shots came...he of course cried a bit, but soon calmed down and was ready to go home. Here are the stats:

  • Length = 26 inches = 90%

  • Weight = 15lbs, 15oz = 75%

  • Head = 43cm = 75%

Has it already been a month?

It just hit me….Jen has been back to work for a month already! Many people have asked if it was hard heading back to work. Well – OF COURSE! What mother would tell you otherwise? Work has been crazy busy – which has helped keep Jen’s mind off Zachary all day long. We still sneak home for lunch a few days a week to hang out with Zach (Sarah is watching him at our house this summer for those that didn’t know!) and of course lots of play and cuddle time after work and on the weekends!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Spring....or Summer?

Today is absolutely beautiful. High of 85 degrees, a slight breeze - wow! We wondered if this day would ever come. It seems like we just completely skipped spring this year. So while enjoying the outdoors today - we came across a newly built birds nest in the tree in front of our house. We haven't seen any birds occupy it - so we will see what the next few weeks bring us. Last year a family of Robin's made thier home under our neighbor's deck - it was great to see the baby birds playing around in our yard.

Of course this day couldn't be complete without a $200 trip to the Home Depot to buy some new things for the yard - more pictures to come.....

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Not quite ready

Zach has been eating his bottles like a champ lately, so we figured we would try some rice cereal to see what happens. In a perfect world Jen was hoping he would love it - eat lots - and in return start actually sleeping LONGER at night. Well apparently it isn't a perfect world! Zach made the funniest faces which all told us he DIDN'T like the rice cereal. Oh well, I guess we will wait another month and see if his taste buds change.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Utah Renaissance Festival

We hit up the Utah Renaissance festival this weekend. It was the first time we have ever been to something like this. We were looking forward to it - to seeing lots of people dressed up, sword fighting, jousting, midevil food and everything else.

Well....we walked away from the event probably giving it 4 out of 10 stars. There were TONS of midevil clothing vendors, but not many food places (Dustin wanted to try all the food) fact Dustin was shocked they were charging $8 for a turkey leg! They had some booths that were suppose to show how they made all the weapons and stuff...but of course they all had signs up saying "we will be back later". Okay who does that during a middle of a Saturday? We found one group of people that did "actual" sword fighting. Then right before we left we found the jousting. That was cool to see - our poor knight we were rooting for got knocked to the ground though - it has to hurt really bad, the armour weights so much you can't get off the ground without help. Oh - and we finally concluded that all the high school nerds hang out at these things - apparently they LOVE to dress up and talk all midevil.

We definitely don't regret going - but probably won't go to this again here in Utah..... oh well as they say... Hazzah!

Nick and Sarah - check out the headgear!

"Actual sword fighting"

Dustin, Brandon and Nick - enjoying some rootbeer!

Zach being cool - he actually wore the sunglasses for quite some time

Jousting - pretty dang cool

Friday, May 9, 2008

Sup Brandon!

Brandon Baker, one of Dustin's friends from Montana, has been staying with us the past few weeks while he works on a few business opportunities here in Utah. Its been fun, Dustin and him have went golf ball fishing, RC Helicopter flying, and have made some really nice gourmet meals too! Brandon has even been holding Zach too! Here's the proof! :)

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Road Trip #2 - Colorado

This past weekend was the open house to celebrate the marriage of Dustin's sister Sarah. It took place back at Dustin's parents house in Johnstown, Colorado. So we packed up the car and decided to make the 8 hour trek. Zach did really well with the Idaho trip two weeks ago, and that was a 4 hour ride - so we kept our fingers crossed he would love this one. Well....turns out 6 hours is about the max you can go with Zach. He had a melt down heading to Colorado after 6 hours (luckily a bottle and rocking did the trick) and on the way back he cried from Park City to our house (we even stopped for 20 minutes in Park City...poor kid didn't even want to look at the car!). So no more long road trips for a while.

We were in Colorado for 4 full days - the time flew by way too fast.

Eating at "Woody's" - yummy pizza place in Fort Collins. We were with Dustin's parents, Sarah, Nick and Nick's parents.

Zach table dancing for dollar bills....

Grandpa Gray has the magic touch...Zach is asleep!

Sarah and Nick greeting their guests at the "open house"

Dustin with his brothers Jaren and Eric....Zach as well!

We played some games outside and Zach loved chilling in the BJorn - it was getting cooler in the evening so we covered him with this blanket...he looked like a ghost...and absolutely LOVED it!

Friday, May 2, 2008


So it is official…Jen is now “domesticated”….she has been toying with the idea of getting a sewing machine – apparently there have been lots of “situations” where it would have come in handy in the past year. Well, while we were in Colorado Jeanette and Jen came across a steal of a deal on Target clearance. Jen came home and told Dustin he had just bought her Mothers Day present and she proceeded to sew on new belt loops on her jeans. Thanks to Jeanette (mom Gray) for teaching Jen the ropes of using a sewing machine! Watch out world…what is next?