Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Road Trip #2 - Colorado

This past weekend was the open house to celebrate the marriage of Dustin's sister Sarah. It took place back at Dustin's parents house in Johnstown, Colorado. So we packed up the car and decided to make the 8 hour trek. Zach did really well with the Idaho trip two weeks ago, and that was a 4 hour ride - so we kept our fingers crossed he would love this one. Well....turns out 6 hours is about the max you can go with Zach. He had a melt down heading to Colorado after 6 hours (luckily a bottle and rocking did the trick) and on the way back he cried from Park City to our house (we even stopped for 20 minutes in Park City...poor kid didn't even want to look at the car!). So no more long road trips for a while.

We were in Colorado for 4 full days - the time flew by way too fast.

Eating at "Woody's" - yummy pizza place in Fort Collins. We were with Dustin's parents, Sarah, Nick and Nick's parents.

Zach table dancing for dollar bills....

Grandpa Gray has the magic touch...Zach is asleep!

Sarah and Nick greeting their guests at the "open house"

Dustin with his brothers Jaren and Eric....Zach as well!

We played some games outside and Zach loved chilling in the BJorn - it was getting cooler in the evening so we covered him with this blanket...he looked like a ghost...and absolutely LOVED it!

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