Saturday, November 26, 2011

Nick, Sarah and Levi

Nick, Sarah and Levi were able to stay with us for the day -- they were a big help getting our Christmas decorating done! Zach and Logan enjoyed hanging out with their cousin Levi (7 months old in these pictures). Levi wasn't so sure about us though.....

Logan loved to share his toys with Levi...he kept bring out all the 'cool' baby toys for him to play with....

Logan also took a fascination to Levi's car seat.....

Give Levi a few more years and he will be rumbling and tumbling with his cousins Zach and Logan :)

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Tree Hunting

It is time for the Gray family annual tradition of hunting and cutting down our live Christmas tree! Everyone was healthy and the weather cooperated for us this year - so we were able to do this the day after Thanksgiving. We headed to Alpine, Utah (yeah, just a few miles from our house) - same place we have been going the past couple of years. Oh - yes, the kids were only wearing was that warm...the hats were a bit overkill, but the kids looked cute :)

Logan enjoying the ride....on Dustin's shoulders!

Zach was enjoying 'hiding' from us.....lots of trees to hide behind!

Logan didn't like how 'prickly' some of the trees were...

Attempted family shot with our tree in the background...

Dustin helping haul it to the 4x4 after it was cut down...
All loaded up on the 4runner...

Zach and Logan are 'helping' Dustin secure the tree to the stand.....

Logan helping 'prune' the tree...

We even got our Christmas lights up on the outside of the house the very next day! Dustin's sister Sarah and her husband Nick were in town and spent the day with us. Nick offered to help Dustin put up the Christmas could we turn that down?

Our Christmas mantle this year - Jen loves doing this kind of stuff....

Thursday, November 24, 2011


In honor of Thanksgiving - Dustin smoked us this yummy looking turkey!

We had some friends over to our house for dinner and we enjoyed our food and company so much, we forgot to take any pictures....except for the awesome looking (and tasting) bird!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Colorado Trip - Day #5

Today is our last day in Colorado - our flight leaves in the late afternoon to head back to Utah. We spent some time this morning at the Johnstown post office - so the boys could see the inside of where Grandma Gray works. Grandma Gray was proud to show off her grandson's to her co-workers.

Jeanette's mail station - where she sorts the mail for her route

Mail tub - perfect for kids to play in

Oh - look who has the mail truck KEY....ZACHARY!
Zach trying to get the door of grandma's mail truck open
Look - Zach is a perfect fit!
Logan's turn to drive...

All of us in the back of the truck

After that morning of excitement at the post office it was time to head back and finish packing. Logan decided he was going to go into stinker mode. He was supposedly 'napping' when Jen found him in the bathroom doing this...

Yes - that would be hand soap all over the counter, mirror, and Logan's entire body. Lets just say he got another bath to clean that one up...

Then right before it was time to leave - Logan decided to go into stinker mode again.

It is going to be a fun plane ride home.....

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Colorado Trip - Day #4

Today is the big day - Jeanette turns 60 years old!

In the morning Zach and Jeanette made some homemade noodles. It is a Gray family tradition to make homemade noodles when they have turkey left overs (remember - we smoked a turkey yesterday!) - for turkey soup. Zach LOVED being Grandma's little helper.

After all the noodling making we decided to head the bowling alley for some some bowling and pizza lunch.

The kids found all the other 'cool stuff' at the bowling alley that wasn't related to vending machines and arcades!

The boys did get a the knack for bowling as well....they get to use the special ball ramp!

We had a good time bowling....look who is worn out!

Later in the day Glen helped the boys build some trucks. These are the learn as you grow kits from Lowe's. Both the boys LOVED being able to use the tools to make something so cool...

The finished products!

Zach enjoyed it so much he went around trying to find other things around the house that needed to be 'fixed' so they could use the tools. Here he found the porch milk box lid was really loose and needed to be tightened.

We decided to hit up the family's favorite Mexican food place in Johnstown for dinner tonight, then afterwards headed back to Dustin's parents house for birthday cake. We set the cake out on the table to start thawing.....and guess what our two boys did...

Apparently they each took a side and tried to bite into it. Since the cake was still frozen they didn't get much - just the icing that broke off. Dustin found some whipped cream in the fridge and fixed it all up. The ironic part is it was a 'sugar free cake'....until we added the touch up whipped cream!

Here is Korbin and Jeanette right before we all sing Jeanette a 'Happy 60th Birthday!'

Monday, November 14, 2011

Colorado Trip - Day #3

Today the boys were itch'n for cousin Korbin to get out of school so they all could go to a place called "Bounce". What can we love bouncy houses! They had a blast for almost two hours - Zach, Logan and Korbin.

Glen had he most fun out of everyone....

Now it was time to head back to Grandma and Grandpa Gray's for that smoked turkey!