Sunday, November 13, 2011

Colorado Trip - Day #2

Today we hung out - the boys wanted to smoke a turkey, so we started the day off running some errands to get the supplies. Logan was enjoying our rental car - it had a built in DVD player. He was perfectly content just sitting in the car watching Rio.

To marinate the turkey before it was smoked the guys decided that the best way to do it was in a Home Depot bucket! That was one of our errands - buying a new bucket from Home Depot!

We also went over to the post office to look at Grandma Gray's mail truck. We didn't have the keys to look inside (it was a Sunday) - so we just got up close and personal from the outside.

There is a park right next to the Johnstown post office - Korbin and Zach played around for a bit...

These cousins were having fun together today!

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