Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Colorado Trip - Day #5

Today is our last day in Colorado - our flight leaves in the late afternoon to head back to Utah. We spent some time this morning at the Johnstown post office - so the boys could see the inside of where Grandma Gray works. Grandma Gray was proud to show off her grandson's to her co-workers.

Jeanette's mail station - where she sorts the mail for her route

Mail tub - perfect for kids to play in

Oh - look who has the mail truck KEY....ZACHARY!
Zach trying to get the door of grandma's mail truck open
Look - Zach is a perfect fit!
Logan's turn to drive...

All of us in the back of the truck

After that morning of excitement at the post office it was time to head back and finish packing. Logan decided he was going to go into stinker mode. He was supposedly 'napping' when Jen found him in the bathroom doing this...

Yes - that would be hand soap all over the counter, mirror, and Logan's entire body. Lets just say he got another bath to clean that one up...

Then right before it was time to leave - Logan decided to go into stinker mode again.

It is going to be a fun plane ride home.....

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