Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pudding, sprinklers and cool dudes

This has been the first weekend in a while that we haven't had people in town visiting or some event to attend.....we officially did nothing all weekend....and WE ENJOYED IT! Of course this means all our time was devoted to Zach and finding fun things to do....I think we had a very successful weekend - take a look.


Zach likes pudding - chocolate seems to be his favorite. We decided to let him feed himself his pudding.....looks like he enjoyed it! Notice the pudding hand prints on the table next to him?


It has been hot (for Utah) and we decided to introduce Zach to a "sprinkler". Not sure he totally understood the concept - but he did end up soaking wet. This kid does LOVE the water!

Cool Dude

Zach has always had sunglasses - but until this weekend he refused to wear them. We aren't exactly sure what made him change his mind but now he wants to wear his sunglasses all the time. The ladies in Sam's club this weekend got a kick out of my kid running around in sunglasses (indoors). So he is officially a "cool dude" now - and according to Dustin, cool dudes don't smile for pictures as you can see up above.

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