Friday, July 17, 2009

We have an 18 month old?!?

It is hard to believe our little baby Zachary is 18 months old today. It just seems like yesterday we were bringing him home from the hospital - now he is a toddler. We don't have his 18 month check up for another month (long story....apparently I am suppose to "schedule" that appointment at least 6 weeks in advance) - so I don't have any official "stats" to share with everyone....but here are some "stats" of our own:

Approximate weight: 25 pounds
Clothes size: 18-24 months
Shoe size: toddler 7
Diaper size: 4
Number of teeth: 12 (still missing the canines)
# of hours he sleeps at night: 11
# of naps a day: just started 1 a day (2-3 hours)
Latest injury: touched the car rims/brakes after a drive and burned the top of his middle finger - blistered up nicely.
Talking: oh yeah - lots of gibberish.
Understands us? oh yeah - he will do what ever we tell him (the best is throwing away his own diapers after they are changed!)
If Zach was in charge what would be his typical day in our house: Wake up. Drink milk. Eat lots of grapes. Go outside and watch the birds in the backyard. Watch TV (what ever is on Noggin). Eat crackers. Drink juice/water. Chase the cats around the house. Dig through the drawers in mom and dad's bathroom - find a travel sized tube of toothpaste and carry it around the house for the next three hours. Eat lunch (chicken nuggets and PB&J are his fav's right now). Take a three hour nap. Wake up - snack time. Head back outside, climb on our neighbors porch, pick up bark, go on a wagon ride, go to the swimming pool. Drink water. Head back inside - play with my toys in the basement, climb up and down the stairs trying to get to the basement. Dinner time. Tickle fest with daddy. Read books with mommy. Bath time. Turn on all the fans in the house. Chase the cats (again). Drink milk. Go to bed.

We are going to get his 18 month portraits next weekend - so stay tuned for pictures!

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