Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Pictures 2008

We wanted to share some of the highlights from Zach's first Christmas
Zach had the chance to meet Santa TWICE this year! :) This Santa was at Aunt Mary's house.. Zach was really excited and liked to pull on Santa's wiskers.. Santa didn't enjoy that part so much I bet ;-)
Grandpa Gray with Santa and Zach

Grandpa Gray and his little elf.. Zachary

Sarah decided to make the largest Gray family cookie ever.. in honor of Zach.. Ok, and just for a bit of fun.

Zach with his Christmas Eve gift.. a polar bear! How cool!

Zach is Mommy's little helper.. He can unwrap anything in no time at all.

Grandpa and Grandma celebrating Christmas with us

Sarah unwrapping her gifts.. Indian food! Fitting for her since she is such a great chef!
Zach got a bus for Christmas! He loves it

Jen's friend Kwang got Zach a rocking horse.. This thing is awesome.. Plays music and everything!

Thanks for sharing this special time of year with us. Merry Christmas!!!

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