Thursday, March 11, 2010

Logan's 2 month check up

Today we had Logan's 2 month check up. His 2 month birthday was actually two weeks ago, but due to our pediatricians schedule and our California trip this was the best we could do (at 10 weeks). Things went well. Logan continues to have "sensitive skin" but luckily hydrocortisone cream and the switch from Enfamil to Good Start formula also helped. Poor kid got his shots as well. He took the first two very well and didn't even cry. It was the third and final shot (which the nurse administering the shots said was the most painful) in which he finally cried - but only for about 10 seconds. Here is Logan just chilling at the pediatrician's office waiting for him to come in.

Here are his stats:
Length = 24 inches - 75th percentile (he is TWO FEET TALL!)
Weight = 13pounds 10 ounces - 60th percentile
Head = 40.5cm = 50th percentile

The doctor did comment that he probably is growing into different size clothes fairly fast - yes he is! He is solidly in size 3-6 months and a few of his outfits are getting too short.

Side note - Jen LOVES how the pediatricians office is decorated. This was on the wall in the room we were in for our visit. I need them to come to my house and do some of this!

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