Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt - practice run

The guys (Dustin, Craig and Glen) decided that in order to make super Easter egg hunters out of our kids....we needed to do a trial run. The weather was beautiful so the guys set it all up in our backyard. I think they had fun at the store buying the plastic eggs and candy to go in the could tell what candy was "really" for the adults! This was Zach's 2nd Easter egg hunt - last year we went to a hunt in Idaho and Zach really didn't get the whole concept of snagging every thing you see in site (mom did all the snagging for him!!). This year was totally different....Zach was good at finding the eggs!

Peyton also was a fantastic Easter egg hunter....check out part of his haul!

The funny part when Zach saw all of Peyton's eggs - he actually went over and stole a few! Oh well - the kid had more eggs and candy than what they knew to do with them! Glen, Mary and Pat watched the festivities from the top of our deck.

Logan was also on the look out for year this kid will be ready to hunt with his big brother!

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