Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Radio Flyer

It arrived! The first of our purchases from last week arrived! Zach was taking a nap when the UPS man made this he was all smiles when he walked into the front room to see this on the floor:

He was told he had to wait for dad to get home from work before putting it together. As soon as Dustin walked in the door the Radio Flyer trike HAD to be put together!

Then came learning how to "ride" the trike:

Zach has a little bit more growing to do in order to ride with ease. Dustin may do some slight modifications to make the pedals thicker so it is easier for Zach to reach them. This particular radio flyer trike was by far the EASIEST kid toy we have put together!!

1 comment:

Susan P said...

my boys LOVE their Radio Flyer trikes - you are going to have a fun fun summer!