Thursday, March 18, 2010

Cozy Coupe

The UPS man knows us by name - VERY WELL. When he made today's "delivery" he actually chatted with Jen for a bit...asking if the boys liked their new toys (he had delivered the trike yesterday and the cozy coupe and table today)....and how the truck restoration was going (he delivered all of Dustin's 1958 Chevy parts that have been ordered). I bet being a UPS delivery driver is a fun job - you can determine a lot about someone by what you deliver to their home!

Today's delivery finished last weeks purchase. The little tikes picnic table and cozy coupe car were both delivered. Zach of course wanted to open the box with the car all afternoon - Jen had to tell him again to wait for dad to get home. So while waiting for Dustin to get home from work we had snack time and colored on the new picnic table!

This table is actually going on the back deck - but today's weather was rainy and it will go outside in a few more days.

Zach was staring at the box ALL AFTERNOON:

Sure enough as soon as Dustin walked in the door and opened the box this is what Zach did:

He put the steering wheel in the dash and sat on the seat of the car. There are no wheels on the car yet so it is just sitting on the floor. Jen headed to the grocery store while the boys put together the cozy coupe. About an hour later - they were STILL putting together the car! They sure had fun doing it.

Zach actually cried when he had to go to bed tonight because he wanted to keep playing in his new cozy coupe!

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Jen M said...

fun! love zach's new ride! great table bench too..