Thursday, March 4, 2010

Airplane Ride

We flew to Sacramento today - Jen's hometown of Roseville. This was Zach's 4th plane ride and Logan's 1st plane ride. We were a bit worried that Zach's ears would bother him since he still has fluid in his ears (another something I should blog about too)...but he didn't even flinch! This was the first flight Zach had his very own seat in the plane - he got the window!

Logan was a great passenger as well - he slept during take off and landing!

Funny story though. Apparently we need to leave for the airport more than two hours before our flight with two kids! We got to the airport - Jen skycab'ed the luggage while Dustin parked in long term parking. Once Dustin got back from parking the car we went through security. Then stopped to get Zach some juice and a donut to go. Next stop was the bathrooms. Both kids had diaper changes. At this point Jen looks at the clock - it was 10:55am. Our flight was scheduled to take off at 11:17am. We walk down to gates to where our plane is and there are NO PASSENGERS in the waiting area of our gate. Dustin and Jen looked at each other with terror thinking we somehow missed our flight. The attendant saw us walking towards the gate and asked if we were headed to Sacramento - we said yes. She asked if we were in row 17 - we said yes. We were the LAST ONES TO BOARD THE PLANE! They helped get us all settled (had to gate check Logan's car seat and stroller) and off we went!

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