Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day Fun

Looks like the Easter Bunny (EB) made his stop at our house this year.  He left a bucket full of toys and candy filled plastic eggs for both Zach and Logan.

I don't think I have seen our boys wake up so fast.  Zach is the type of person that has to slowly wake up.  This morning when he walked out of his room he saw the plastic eggs waiting to be collected.  He  ran as fast as he could to gather them all.

Logan was very interested in checking out his haul.  He was proud of his own transformer.

Zach loved his gifts from EB too....this boy is starting to get into Skylanders.

Breakfast consisted of solid milk chocolate bunnies.  Logan did a great job of devouring about half the bunny and ensuring it covered his entire face and hands.  One Easter to remember!

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