Saturday, September 3, 2011

Getting with the times....

When Jen graduated from college over 11 years ago and moved in her own apartment in Austin, Texas - she bought this....

Her first 32 inch TV. Eleven years ago this was an AWESOME it is just BIG and BULKY. Check out the side view:

The TV still works great today. It has been our "bedroom TV" for the last 6 years....we don't really watch TV in our bedroom so it has just been collecting dust. All the TV components for our living room TV have been residing in the same armoire in our bedroom with this old Sony 32 inch. The kids have been playing WAY TOO MUCH with all the TV components (loading/unloading DVDs in a PS3, pushing any and all buttons, etc.) so Dustin decided to move the components above our bedroom TV instead of leaving them below the TV. That quick "switch" was taking WAY TOO LONG. After 20 minutes Jen walked in the room, looked at all of it and said, "that is it....we are heading to Best Buy and buying a flat panel to replace this old TV." Dustin looked at her for about five seconds and responded with, "come on kids, get in the car quick before mom changes her mind".

So off to Best Buy we go on a Saturday afternoon. We walked up and down the TV aisles until Jen said, "this is the one I want". Dustin just smiled (cause he knew Jen picked out a good one!). Jen then said, "I want a blu-ray player to go along with this TV - Dustin please go pick one out." The smile on Dustin's face got even bigger. Ten minutes later we walked out of Best Buy with our upgrade.

Hello 2011!

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