Thursday, May 28, 2009

Summer TIME!

We have been excited for the opening of our neighborhood pool this summer season. Zach really likes the water and we wanted to start teaching him how to swim (or the best you can get with a 1 year old!). Our first summer pool experience was quite interesting......

Zach LOVED being in the pool - we was squealing, going underwater, doing everything you could think of.....all for about 5 minutes when he decided it was time to go #2. Yes, #2 in the pool. No big deal, he has on a swim diaper and his swim trucks are also swim diapers...the problem lies with what happened AFTER Zach completed all his grunting. Dinner decided to make its way up and go ALL OVER DUSTIN. Now Dustin is not a throw up man. If he even SEES throw up it makes him start to throw up himself. So imagine Dustin (covered in throw up) holding Zach trying to make it to the pool stairs to get out all while he is trying to keep down his own dinner. The best part -- the other people at the pool actually left after witnessing this event.

Dustin vows to never go back to the pool the rest of the summer -- somehow I don't think that will last.

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Jeff and Rushell said...

Even though this is gross, I wish I had been there to see this. LOL!!! Good times being a parent huh?