Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moab - guys trip

Dustin went on three night guy Moab trip...camping, kayaking, off roading and NO SHOWERING....I figured since Dustin has failed to blog about it I would give my own interpretation of the guy trip from the pictures.

Day #1 included Kayaking down the Colorado River - guided of course. The water was freezing cold - snow melt off. They enjoyed this activity - so much they returned with sun burnt feet - yes, only the feet got sun burnt.

Evening entertainment was the fire at their campsite. What more would you expect from three grown men than a big fire, men jumping over the fire...and apparently a dance party.

Day #2 included off roading in the 4runner. They met up with the same crew they went with last Fall - and I have been told the 4runner kicked a$$ this time. It better after Dustin pimped it out after his last Moab trip - and yes, the running boards were taken off.

Day#3 the guys did some morning hiking, then realized how much they missed their hot wives and decided to hit the road a bit earlier than planned. I am sure that three days of no showering didn't sway their decision one bit.

Thanks Dave, Cliff and Steve - I can tell you guys had a blast (and I am still laughing over the dance party pictures)...and I am sure another trip in the Fall is already in the works.

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