Monday, January 28, 2008

Zachary Dustin Gray

The past couple of weeks have just gone by way too fast! We were relaxing tonight and realized that our baby Zachary has been home for a week now! We never blogged on our experiences the past couple of weeks - so here is a recap:
On 1-17-2008, Jen was scheduled to have a C-section at 7:30am. This was needed since things were not progressing as her doctor had hoped and with her high blood pressure and the size they estimated the baby to be at they went ahead a week ahead of her due date. Here we are at the hospital, bright and early at 6:30am!

At 7:47am Zachary Dustin Gray was born! He was 8 pounds, 7 ounces and 21 inches long - a good size for being a whole week EARLY!

Here is our first family photo! Smile Zachary!

I love my wife, Jen you did such a great job! I love you sooo much.
Once taken out of the operating room, Zach's blood sugar was too low so he was given a bottle immediately. Then his oxygen levels got too low and he turned white - pure oxygen was administered.

Then it was nap time.. He was tuckered out.
About three hours after he was born he was stable enough to go to Jen's room and enjoy time with mommy and daddy.
Zachary is quite the looker with a full head of hair!
Three generations! Grandma Twogood with Jen and little Zachary

Daddy has really enjoyed spending time with Zach..
The first two days Zachary pretty much slept - we had a hard time getting him to eat anything.
The results of his bili ruben test came back high and he was admitted to the nursery for IV fluids and UV lights for two days.  Poor little guy, kinda looks like a glow bug :)

Zach at the day spa.. Soaking in the rays to help reduce his jaundice.

This seems to be more appropriate for the tanning bed don't you think? only 2 days old and already the coolest kid in the nursery.
After just one day under the UV lights, you could tell he was feeling much better - he started eating more regularly too!

We were released to go home after a four day stay in the hospital.
We have had both Dustin and Jen's parents in town since Zachary was born and they have been helping tremendously with everything. Jen is doing great recovering from the C-Section - today is the first day with no pain killer pills!

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