Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bubbles and Disco moves

We bought one of those bubble making machines. How can you resist when they are only $10 and the amount of bubbles the thing spits out in just a few seconds is amazing...especially when kids can't keep up with all the bubbles :) Zach has been loving this bubble machine and now knows how to turn it on. He also started to say the word "bubbles" tonight when was walking around the house saying "bubbles" we took him outside to play with the bubbles. We learned tonight that Zach apparently can dance on demand now. If you say "shake it" or "dance" he proceeds to twist his body back and forth and dance. Pretty dang cute. So I am sure our neighbors got a good laugh of us having a dance party on our front lawn with a million bubbles floating around. How is that for Friday night entertainment?

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