Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Logan is 4 months old!

Yes - today is the day....Logan is FOUR MONTHS OLD! The time really has flown by so fast. Our little man is growing up and learning new things each and every day. Here is his brag list:
  • 4 month pediatrician visit isn't for two weeks - but our tape measure says he is 26 inches tall/long and our scale says he is 16 pounds.
  • I am starting to retire his 3-6 month clothes and he has been wearing mostly 6-9 month size now this past week.
  • He LOVES to lay on his back and lift up his legs and hold his feet.
  • If it is in reach he LOVES to grab it...tonight it was my McDonald's soda.
  • He has rolled by him self; tummy to back. He is pretty close to doing back to tummy. He doesn't roll all the time....he gets mad when he rolls or when mommy tries to get him to roll.
  • He watches Zachary like a hawk...always interested in what big brother is doing.
  • He has slept through the night ONCE....he needs to do it again REAL soon.
  • Drinking 5 oz bottles about every four hours.
  • Still has sensitive skin - even had a bit more cradle cap show up last week.
  • Hair is thinning out and fallout out. At FOUR MONTHS OLD he is starting to kind of go bald (mostly in the back). He has about 1 inch of new growth that is coming in a light brown almost blond we think he is going to end up having the same hair color as Zachary.
  • We are starting to see hints that he is going to refuse the pacifier pretty soon. Zach did this at about 4 months old as well, no complaints if he stops it on his own!
Here are some recent photos that we think are just plain adorable!

He likes to pet our cats...even manages to pull out a fist full fur every time!

There are those FEET!

First rice cereal experience - of course he wasn't a fan

But he is a fan of the bottle.....


Dustin said...

Happy Birthday little buddy! now GO TO SLEEP! :)

jen madsen said...

He's so cute! Logan is getting so big already. Jen to answer your question you posted on my blog. Yes i've gone running before.. I lost about 25 lbs with in a 4 month period before. I've been running again now for 1 month and have lost 12 lbs. though of course it's also important to eat a well balanced died and drink lots of water.