Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jazz vs. Spurs

Our employer owns one of the suites at the Energy Solutions Center. For Utah Jazz games they rotate which groups get the tickets and the managers of those groups decide which of their employees get to use the tickets. They use it for recognition - and lucky for us Jen was the lucky one to get the "recognition tickets" for this game! There were about 24 people total from IM Flash in the suite. There was catered food - we even had our own "waiter" that would basically go out and get ANYTHING we wanted from the Arena.

Here is the view we had...

Hamming it up for the camera....
We had a great time - free parking, free game, free dinner, great socializing with some co-workers OUTSIDE of work....the only thing that could have made the evening even better is if the final scores for the teams were switched!

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Kelly said...

Sounds like a fun night out together. That is an exception picture of the two of you lovebirds!