Saturday, March 12, 2011

One month later...

After almost a month playing phone tag with the driver's insurance company and the Lehi Police Dept trying to get a copy of the accident report, we finally had everything we needed and the check in hand to get the 4runner fixed.. We of course took the 4-runner to the same shop that has been helping us work on the '58 Chevy "Thunderpig". They have done such a great job on the pickup, that we knew we'd be in good hands for the repair work..

When we arrived at Horvath Hotrods to pick up the 4-runner, Joe had went out of his way to buff the truck for us.. It looked AMAZING. The new bumpers and hitch made it look factory new too! And speaking of factory new.. All of the parts that were replaced came directly from Toyota (thanks to some negotiating Joe did with Toyota to match the prices he was quoted for the reproduction parts)

The truck looks great.. Hope it stays this way for good this time. :)

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Kelly said...

It's nice you have a good place that you trust who takes good care of you. It does look great.