Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dustin's BIRTHDAY!

Didn't you hear? Today was Dustin's BIRTHDAY! Woot woot! We had Glen, Lisa, Peyton and Jackson in town to help us celebrate. So how does Dustin spend his birthday?

#1 - sleeps in (anything past 7am counts as sleeping in)
#2 - Beto's breakfast burritos
#3 - massage
#4 - haircut
#5 - bowling with everyone
#6 - helps our neighbor retrieve their car from the hospital
#7 - mexican food for dinner
#8 - cake and presents!

That is quite a bit to pack into one day....but we made it HAPPEN! Here are some of the bowling pictures. Zach had been bowling one time before, Logan had never bowled before. There were a total of EIGHT of us - four adults, four kids (ages 4, 3, 2, 1). Guess how long it took all eight of us to bowl one game....TWO HOURS! We opted NOT to bowl a second game (the kids lost interest after about the 5th frame).

Zach's first ball...he walked onto the bowling lane and slipped - oops...

The kids were literally fighting over the bowling balls...Peyton and Jackson keeping an eye out for "their" bowling ball.

Jackson with the perfect aim...

Logan giving it a shot...

Zach and Logan actually "sharing"...had to document this one.

Logan chilling with Grandpa Gray
Now the presents and cake part ended up happening after Logan fell asleep. I think this is the third birthday that Logan has been asleep for presents and cake. Zach of course was up front and helping his dad the whole way...don't they both look excited?

After a little bit the kids got bored...check out Peyton and Zach...they kept asking for cake!

Happy 36th Birthday Dustin! Yes that is a CROWN!

Birthday boy likes his cake!

Lemon Torte from the Cheesecake Factory (compliments of Costco)...very YUMMY!

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