Sunday, March 25, 2012

Blazin' Challenge

Buffalo Wild Wings recently opened up here in Lehi. It is hot wings place...and every man around is foaming at the mouth. A discussion was started to see who would take the Buffalo Wild Wings "Blazin' Challenge" - today we had three contenders. Dustin, Jeff Krotosky and Gabe (another co-worker of ours).

So what is involved in the "Blazin' Challenge"? After signing a wavier you are given 12 boned chicken wings slathered in the hottest sauce Buffalo Wild Wings makes. You have six minutes to eat all 12 wings using no napkins and taking no drinks. The staff gathers around you at the table and cheers you on - and gives a play by play over the intercom speaker system of the restaurant. And what do you get if you complete this challenge? Your picture on a wall, a head sweatband.....and a coupon for 6 free wings. So of our table of 13 today - 3 (all men....a theme?) took the challenge.

Here is Dustin signing his wavier...

The "Blazin' Challenge" wings....12 of the hottest!

Gabe and Jeff start going to town.....

Jeff blew everyone out of the water....he ate all 12 wings in 1 minute and 25 seconds! The record at the store was 1 minute 47 seconds - he beat it by 22 seconds!

Gabe and Dustin kept going at it.....

And at 4 minutes and 20 seconds, Dustin completed the challenge...notice the very red face, and slightly teared eyes!

Gabe wasn't far behind Dustin - he finished in 4 minutes 57 seconds. Gabe's face was the reddest, and you could see tears rolling down his eyes.

All three were victorious and posed happily for this picture (notice the head sweatband prize?!)

Zach quickly commandeered the sweatband and wore it around proudly all day long!

So when it was all said and done all the men agreed that they were glad they did the challenge but had NO DESIRE to EVER do it again. One time was enough....and that item has been crossed off the bucket list!

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