Thursday, April 4, 2013

The little things kids find joy in

Jen's dad came into town today to visit through the weekend.  Grandpa brought some things with him that Zach and Logan just fell in LOVE with.  The first was some extra long butcher paper.  We traced out Logan and that became his friend for the rest of the night!  He took that paper cut out of himself everywhere.  When it came time to go to bed Logan insisted that his mini-me get taped to the wall near his bed in his room.

The next couple were Halloween costumes that Jen's mom had made when she was a kid.  A dragon and a pumpkin.  Both Zach and Logan took turns trying on both costumes and chasing each other around the house.  Then they both decided they needed to climb back in the box that Grandpa had brought with him!

That box in itself kept Logan entertained for a few days.....I think I am buying the wrong toys for my kids.

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