Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Euro Trip - day #4; Rome

Today is our 4th Anniversary! We woke up, got ready and went down to the lobby for our normal breakfast. Dustin said he was tired of salami sandwiches and he wanted eggs….I think we are looking forward to the food on the cruise ship

We packed as much as we could in our big black suitcase so we would have less luggage to haul to the train station. So of course it weighted a ton! Dustin was a trooper, he hauled that big suitcase up and down several flights of stairs to the train station. He says we are throwing it away when we get back! We arrived at the airport and found Carnival, we purchased our transfers to the ship and got on a nice ride in a comfortable air conditioned bus to the port (about a 1 hour drive). We started chatting with a couple who was deaf. The wife was deaf, the husband communicated between all of us. They were from New York. Once again Jen wished she knew sign language.

We arrived at the port and they had things streamlined so well. We didn’t have to wait in any lines. The ship (Carnival Liberty), was absolutely beautiful. It is brand new (July 2005). There are bathrobes in our staterooms, feature pillows, down comforters…and it is one of the largest staterooms we have ever stayed in. There are plasma screen TV’s throughout the ship (included a huge movie screen over the pool outside), and the TV in our rooms are very interactive. You can look up the dining menu, purchase excursions, pay per view movies and view your bill from the TV in your room.

We survived our life jacket drill…and then sat back and watched the movie “guess who:…we were tired.

Dinner was delayed to 9pm today. We were excited to find out who we were sitting with at our dining table. We walked into the room to find we had a table for 2…just us for dinner for the cruise. At the end of our meal our waiters Claudio and Anner came out with a chocolate mousse cake and sang “Happy Anniversary” to us. We both turned bright red, as there were a couple hundred people in the dining room watching us. The cake was really good!

We got back to our stateroom about 11pm and it sounded like a disco in our room! There was some show going on in a lounge below us. You could hear everything. Our bed even was vibrating due to the bass of the music.

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