Friday, October 14, 2005

Euro Trip - day#6; at sea

We slept in until almost 10am. It was great! We put on our swimsuits and headed to the lido deck. Grabbed a quick brunch bite at the buffet, and then just lounged on the deck in the sun. It is only about 70 degrees outside, but in the full sun (yes, another clear gorgeous day) it was very relaxing. After an hour or two we headed back to our room. We gathered some things up to do a load of laundry. $2 to wash, $2 to dry and $1 for soap. While the laundry was going we watched another movie in our room and got ready for evening (it is the first formal night). We headed to the photo store of the ship. Our 512MB memory card for our camera was already at 488MB…and our cruise had just begun! They sold compact flash cards, so we bought a 256MB (they didn’t have any 512MB)….we wanted to make sure we got all the pictures we wanted on this trip. We browsed the other stores on ship…and Jen lost $10 n the quarter slots at the casino.

Next stop…Pizzeria…Dustin was craving some pizza! We also went back to the pool deck to watch “phantom of the opera” on the big screen jumbo-tron. Then back to get some formal shots. Since tonight was the captain’s ball it was lobster for dinner! It was funny to see the wait staff carry away the empty lobster tail shells when they cleaned up.

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